Friday, February 03, 2006

Desperately Seeking Justice...

To paraphrase a movie title. That's what Steve Kubby will be doing today. Seeking justice at the hands of the state as he goes before the judge for an arraignment. If there is any justice remaining in this world then Mr. Kubby will placed under house arrest and allowed access to more effective medicine to treat his cancer. If there is no justice then we will see Mr. Kubby remanded to the custody of his jailers and returned to his cell to serve out whatever sentence the court decides on. For those of us out here watching from a distance all we can do is wait and hope for the best. has posted excerpts of conversations with Mr. Kubby from postings at a mail list sponsored by the Drug Policy Forum of California. In the conversations Mr. Kubby asks that people cease contacting the jail, as his care had improved as his jailers have "learned" more of his condition. Most likely the jailers have changed their position slightly because they know that a large segment of the population is watching them and staying aware of their actions concerning Mr. Kubby.

He also discusses his current conditions and medical care.

"Now I want to give you a medical report. Today they tested me and
confirmed that there was blood in my urine, but the blood appears to
be diminishing each day. My blood pressures are high, but not at the
dangerous level, not at a level that I feel that I'm in a
life-threatening situation. So I'm getting enough benefit from the
Marinol so that, despite my being very uncomfortable at times, I'm
not experiencing 250 over 220 attacks like I had on Friday prior to
me taking Marinol. Since then my b-p readings have been approximately
like 130 over 110. But you see, it goes all over the place; it could
mean anything. They take it for a couple of days and it's completely
meaningless. Unless they've got me on a 24-hour monitor, they're
never going to pick up the blood-pressure spikes I have throughout
the day. I have a good feeling about the jail staff that I see, and
the medical staff that I'm working at, but it's disturbing to have
them issue press releases saying that I'm just fine. How do they
expect to be credible with that?

Mr. Kubby makes a number of statements concerning his plight and what his plans may be and discusses the call situation.

On the need for more calls:

"I'm asking my supporters to stop calling to complain about my
treatment in jail, or with the medical staff, because now that they
understand my situation, they are doing everything within their power
to help me and protect me. I've actually met a number of guards here
who impressed me with their professionalism and genuine concern for
my welfare."
There is a great deal more in the IndyBay posting.

Later today we will get to see just what happens to Mr. Kubby as the judge in this case renders takes a decision on Mr. Kubby's case. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

Update: Steve Kubby's name has fallen off of the top searches of blogs. For those of you who know the procedure I would suggest another round of searching and bookmarking. If Mr. Kubby is off the radar then the courts will feel zero pressure to do the right thing.

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