Monday, January 30, 2006

In The Care Of The State.

In another update from Michele Kubby we can see that being in the care of the "authorities" means little when they render no care.

A contact in Placer has just called to give me an update on Steve.I'm so glad someone heard from him. His main concern at this point is that Placer is not documenting the effects of his disease on his body or taking his illness seriously. His blood pressure is at 166/108. Placer is not testing for blood in his urine, either. Placer has also turned down Steve's request for Tylenol pain killer.

Steve wanted to express his gratitude for the calls. They are making a difference. One Sergeant, named Sanders has made sure that Steve is warm and has a blanket and pillow now, because of your concern. One thing my friend did say, Steve sounds amped and angry. This is to be expected because of the adrenaline in his body.I hope this is resolved on Tuesday. Thanks for being there.-Michele
Refusal to grant so simple a request as some Tylenol for pain is unconscionable and nothing short of cruel and is certainly inhumane. What else is to be expected, tho? We can easily see that Steve Kubby has already experienced a complete an utter lack of care at their hands and the one instance of compassion, days after his incarceration comes from a single individual.

In an earlier comment one reader suggested that folks should contact California Governor Arnold Schartzenegger. This is a good idea and one people should take advantage of. If there is a single person who has it within their ability to grant Steve mercy then it is the governor of the Republic of California. Contact information for the Governor is:

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-445-4633

To send an Electronic Mail please visit:

John, whoever you thanks!

I already know of one brother in arms who has taken the opportunity to do this, as I will be doing, too. I'm not suggesting that people swamp the Governors office with irate letters. Calmness is called for in this endeavour. But firm resolution should not be left out. Votes, good publicity and dollars speak louder to politicians than anything on this planet. When that politician also happens to be member of the acting profession that means even more. Get out your pens and keyboards, folks. Let Arnold know about Steve and see to it that he takes a stand one way or another. While freeing Steve must be the ultimate goal a negative stance by the Governor of California opens another door. The enemy of my enemy might just be a friend and Arnold has plenty of those already.

Take a moment and let your fingers do the talking.

And please remember, if you are a foreign visitor you too can and should let the Governor know. Despite what some American politicians might have you believe we do care what people think of us, in the long run. It's hard to be a shining beacon in the darkness when the Nazgul obscure the view.

UPDATE: This evening Drug War Rant posted links to transcripts of phone conversations with Steve Kubby. These conversations are an up close and personal look into Mr. Kubby's current condition and his treatment while in custody. Yet one more example of the uncaring and unmerciful nature of the "authorities" and more than enough reason why Steve should NOT be in their "care".

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