Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Steve Kubby Appears In Court

KXTV is reporting that Steve Kubby has made his first appearance in court today and entered a plea of not guilty to a charge of probation violation.
Today Kubby's attorney asked that his probation be terminated and for marijuana to be put in his client's food. Kubby claims he needs the drug to relieve symptoms associated with cancer. Normally Kubby would prefer to smoke marijuana, but he says he recognizes the jail is non-smoking facility.
Undoubtedly we will be hearing more detailed information on this as it develops and as supporters manage to get their information out. So far I have been able to find no mention of a judicial decision or Steve's current status and health. Hopefully Michele will be letting us all know soon enough. Hopefully the judge in this case will do the right thing and dismiss the charges and free Mr. Kubby and allow him to return to his life a free man and enable him to treat his disease.

Stay tuned to UnCivil Defence for more updates as information becomes available.

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