Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hurry Up And Wait....

As we sit and wait for Friday's main event, the further arraignment of Steve Kubby I have to wonder at the silence we have experienced from certain corners regarding his treatment at the hands of the State. The so-called "Main Stream Media" has been silent in the extreme, other than local television and newspaper outlets in the Placer County area and that region of California.

Nothing has appeared on a national front, despite the fact that an American citizen who had sought refuge from his government in a foreign country was deported back to the United States. One would think that alone was newsworthy on a number levels. How many times has that happened in recent history, other than for people accused of being terrorists?

Looking at other groups, like the LP and some of their members we can see that Mr. Kubby and his plight rate little more than honourable mention in most places. No continuing coverage, no calls for humane treatment and few statements that are recent. In point of fact most folks seem to be running like politicians avoiding a quorum call when the subject comes up. Why is that do you suppose?

At one time the LP was well known, many would say too well known for its stance on medical marijuana. This was back in the days when Ron Crickenberger was the National LP's Political Director, when Ron was hip deep in the War On People and it was a weekly event to see him involved in something related to medical marijuana. I must admit that there were many times when I felt that Ron ignored other, possibly more important issues in favour of medical marijuana and put us forward as the "Pot Party" rather than the Party of Liberty. Now, that Ron is gone from us there seems to be a decided move away from the entire issue of medical marijuana on the part of the National LP and many of the State Affiliates.

Now, I know that some folks have had rather strong feelings about this. They feel rather insulted that we spent a great deal of time dealing with an issue that was not important to them. To quote an infamous President from recent memory, "I feel Your Pain". What we currently are experiencing, in the deafening silence from the political arm of the Libertarian Movement is hypocrisy.

Medical marijuana was too out front for many people. It was an in your face issue. So is gun control and I don't see the LP rushing to embrace it, much to my ire. Entitlements? Tax abolition? What is there that the LP supports with a passion equal to that which Mr. Crickenberger brought to the medical marijuana issue? I can't seem to find anything that the Party evinces a passion for any more.

I have heard LP officers at different levels say flat out that medical marijuana was no longer to even be an issue where the LP was concerned. And now we can see the effect of that. A silence from the one group that has never remained silent. In a rush to become more "acceptable" we have instead become deaf and blind to injustice, it seems. Neither Democrats, nor Republicans have come forward to seek mercy and justice for Steve Kubby and in our rush to be more like them, it seems we, too have taken the decision to look away while one of our own is in the hands of his enemies and at the mercy of the merciless. Is this the LP you know? Will Steve Kubby be ignored and sacrificed for the political
expediency of his chosen political party?

If silence is golden then the party coffers must surely be full.

Kubby Bytes: In the meantime Michele Kubby and friends urge you to keep the letters and emails coming to aid Steve in this time of trouble.


Friday the 3rd will be the preliminary hearing to set the date for the trial which is estimated to be around February 15th. Bill McPike, Steve's attorney, met with the DA in hopes to be able to work with Placer County Probation Department ot reinstate Steve's probation.

Although Steve is thin and mal-nutritioned, he was pleased to see all of his friends and family in the courtroom, today. A little bit of good news is that he is now being given some Marinol but not the full dose amount he should be getting; 3 instead of 6 and he is has yet to be seen by a doctor.

Michele and the girls set out to cross the border and transport their belongings to the states. There is a little light at the end of the tunnel where Canada is concerned, but more on that at a later time. She and the girls made it across the border without any troubles of any kind, thankfully.

Unfortunately, Steve will be incarcerated the entire time.

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J.E. Andreasen said...

I began my libertarian political activism back in 1975. For much of the past thirty years I worked with the LP; doing ballot access, running for elective office, attending conventions, holding party leadership positions.

The plain truth is that the purpose of the LP is now (and maybe always was) to side-track freedom activists and attenuate any success they might have.

Just as guerrilla activism, and a focus on changing the culture towards a pursuit of liberty, are too embarassing to most party aparatchiks, so too are people like Steve who merely want to live a peaceful and long life, harming no one.

That people like Steve Kubby are ignored in their hour of need is entirely "according to plan". There are other agendas, and they are not pretty.