Friday, February 03, 2006

Update On Steve Kubby

Steve Kubby Update: KXTV News in Sacramento is reporting that Steve's defence has removed his request to be allowed take medical marijuana in his food of the table.

Medical marijuana crusader and former gubernatorial candidate Steve Kubby is not pressing his request to use marijuana for medicinal reasons in jail.

At a hearing to consider his request, his attorneys took the request to have marijuana put in his food off the table for now. Kubby claims the marijuana relieves symptoms of a rare type of cancer and claims he will suffer and die without it in jail. Now he says he is taking the drug Marinol and says that is working satisfactorily.
No word yet on any other front, such as his request to serve his sentence under house arrest. At least he is being afforded some help by the Marinol.

Friday Evening Update From Michele Kubby:

The hearing today was extremely short and to the point. Basically, a pre-trial date was set for the 15th of February. The trial will be for "Failure to Appear for Probation". If this moves forward to trial, then Steve will possibly be looking at prison time if convicted.

Michele said she was able to see Steve last night, and although he has lost abut 15 pounds, he is in high spirits and continues to thank everyone for their support. Steve is working with an excellent Doctor that believe he should not be in jail, but rather, studied to find the reason cannabis works so well for his form of cancer.

There will be more here in a few days as Michele is working on a press release concerning the dropping of the Motion for Edibles.

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