Thursday, April 20, 2006

Government By Reaction

Well, yesterdays raids by the Department of Homeland Security managed to net about 1000 people around the nation who may, or may not be "illegal immigrants". They also managed to arrest a number of businessmen and management employees of IFCO Systems in order to extort fine the company up to $11,000 per illegal, plus punitive "damages". This is a prime example of what's wrong with government and with the Bush Administration Executive Branch in particular, (yes, even Clinton used this tactic). Media events to placate the masses and raise the Emperors Presidents Q Score with certain segments like the so-called "Values Voters" and other rank and file Republicrats, will only serve to make a confused situation worse.

With the Presidential Nielsen ratings in the crapper and the changes going on in the White House and new costs in Iraq coming forward something needs to be done to alleviate the Bush free fall. What could be more populist than rounding up illegals and arresting businessmen? The new Empire certainly has a way with Bread and Circuses, eh? Failing to realise that there are no easy answers to this issue is what dooms us to Jerry rigged solutions that only exacerbate the problems associated with immigration, legal or illegal. Populist answers are never the correct answer, no matter how loud the crowd screams.

I watched news footage of this event last night on NBC and was amazed at calmness displayed by the Hispanic workers as they were led away by armed and armoured Homeland Security Forces and placed on buses emblazoned with "HOMELAND SECURITY" on the sides. I find it chilling when the government sends its forces out and starts herding people into transports to drives them away, as one paper put it in their photo caption, "....and it was unclear where they were taken." I doubt I would be calm under the same circumstances given the history of organisations with names like Homeland Security.

I cannot help but wonder what the families of these people are thinking right now. It is certain that not all of them come from Mexico. Some probably come from countries where people who are taken by agents of the state are never seen again, what must they be thinking now? Will they ever see their loved ones again, especially if they are just summarily expelled from this country?

Perhaps the vociferous supporters of "immigration reform" and border sealing will see this as vindication of their stance and give them cause to accelerate their pograms programs. As with most issues ruled by the sentiments of the mob these people have failed to look beyond their emotions and consider cause and effect. The old saying about scaring a small man should always be remembered when you're dealing with a segment of a society that is that smallest man. What happens when you frighten 11 million people who live in a country where the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is sacred?

Some folks were edging away from a boycott on May 1st. What might have resulted in some peaceful protests may now likely be a face off between scared people, scared and outnumbered cops and Homeland Security goons. Needless to say, I will likely be staying close to home that day and hoping that sanity, rather than fear prevails. I will hope that pandering by the Values Voters and other shortsighted people is ignored by more rational elements on all sides and that Mr. Bush someone will come out and put a halt to actions like this.

As usual the armchair warriors refuse to see the myriad possibilities of their actions. Libertarians have long decried any mass roundups of "illegals" in this country, for many reasons, (despite what some nouveau-Libertarians would have us believe). One of these reasons is that, past a certain point you have the potential to throw your country into a state of internal warfare, where 11 million "illegals" versus an apathetic populace and a preoccupied military. Frighten a small man who only wants freedom and a better life and you have a recipe for disaster. Thanks a lot, Mr. Bush Mr. Chertoff. You've always had a real knack for doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. At least you and yours are consistant in your bad timing and incompetence.

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