Sunday, May 14, 2006

Why Freedom?

Why indeed? Why choose to talk, write about and work towards something that so few in this country, this world...value so little? Why do something which will inevitably add more pages to the government files started on me when I was a teenager, (probably novella sized, by now)? Why continue to try and get people to abandon their steady march towards totalitarianism and a life dominated by the State?

For myself, I can only assume that this affliction is biological. I must have a genetic predisposition to freedom. A DNA level compulsion that leads to a desire to be left alone by "authority' and to run my own life. All I need to do is look at my families history to see that there is a pattern which can only lead me to believe that my malady is inherited and comes from a long line of people who sought nothing more from life than to be left alone.

All of my paternal European ancestors came to this continent before there even was a United States, seeking freedom and a place they could call their own. Some later fought to free this country from the grip of the monarchists and their King. Others just traveled farther West and minded their own business, keeping to the hills and deep valleys of Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. Eventually, tho the world and the powers that be caught up with us. It didn't stop some family members from acting up, tho.

After hundreds of years of trying to stay ahead of things time ran out and "civilization" caught up with and surrounded us. That hasn't stopped us from acting up, mind you but it sure has made it harder for us to be left the hell alone, and it's getting harder each and every day, thanks to all those "people" out there who don't possess the freedom gene. Shoot, just the other day I was informed that 63% of my fellow Americans thought it was just fine for the government to know who I was talking with, when and for how long. Of course, another poll showed that 53% thought the same program went too far (except for Republicans who seem to love big government), so I don't know what to think based on polls. I'll just go the "Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics" route, to be safe. Personally, I think it's an unconscionable breach of privacy and supporters of this type of thing are not my kind of folks. These are the worst sort of people, they're enablers. These are our own modern day Tories, supporting the tyrannies of the state against the rights of the individual.

After weeks like this last one, I have to wonder why I, and others like me (you know who you are) even bother. It has become painfully obvious that history is now trending towards totalitarianism. Just as the steam engine came about at "steam engine time" we are entering a period where it is essentially "police state time". All the pieces are in place and the players are seemingly ready and willing to bring about a totalitarian police state.

Many of my fellow "libertarians" and freedom lovers came to where they currently are after reading Rand, Rothbard, Thoreau or a host of others. Not me, tho. I grew up like this and had serious issues with authority in most forms, (just check my "permanent record"). My reading as a kid and teen was Heinlein, Burroughs, Dent, Ernst as well as a host of history authors. I eventually made my way to Rand and the others, but I was already a dedicated individualist long before I ever read their works. Once you combine this upbringing with the "freedom gene"'s all over. You can never be a good little follower. Never the employee of the month, even tho you make a darned good boss for a company of one. And situations like the ones currently occurring in this country...well....I'm not inclined to feel nice towards the people involved.

A well known libertarian with whom I have served asked me once why I got involved in political activism. I told him I did it for the simple reason that I didn't want to have to look my kids in the eye after the shooting started and tell them that I did nothing to try and stop it beforehand. I have thought for years that we stood a chance of avoiding the horrors of totalitarianism or armed rebellion, through the political process. I can't say that I have faith in that anymore. I have lived in Communist China (not the new one, the old one in the 70's) and experienced the police states of Apartheid South Africa and Mubarak's country is coming to strongly resemble those places and I don't like it. Not one little bit.

I'm not too sure there's a helluva lot I and my compatriots can do anymore, tho. As Claire Wolfe has pointed out innumerable times it isn't time to shoot the bastards, yet. And that time may not even come, especially given the numbers of people in support of the State and its master manipulators. I guess we'll just have to keep beating our heads against the walls and trying to get some freedom back. It's either that or give in and roll over....and those of us with the gene can't go that last route. I can't say what my compadres plan on doing, but as for myself I plan on following in the footsteps of John Chapman "Babe" Jarrell and Captain Malcom Reynolds. I aim to misbehave.

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