Wednesday, June 14, 2006

They Always Get Their Man!

That's been the case with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for ages and it is apparently truer than the Bush loving Conservative government of Canada can stand. Looks like a pair of gay Canadian Mounties are to marry June 30th in Nova Scotia. Their fellow Mounties are seemingly happy for the soon to be wedded couple bu,t Prime Minister Harper has apparently ordered his government to "Shut the hell up!" where the matter is concerned. Out of sight, out of mind, eh?

Needless to say, while government has no business involving itself in private affairs this is a good use of their time and political efforts. Insuring that the people in their country are accorded equal rights, regardless of what some Puritan thinks is what government should do, when it does anything at all. UnCivil Defence wishes the Boys in Red a Happy Nuptial Day, Long Life and Happiness!

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The Trans-Atlantic Playbook

My guess is that George Bush and Tony Blair and their respective parties spend inordinate amounts of time chatting and exchanging recipes for violating the rights of people and the utilisation of force to keep their people under control in this "time of war". At least that is the impresion I get after reading this little missive of a government anti-terrorist raid gone so predictably wrong.

Not only did they shoot yet another innocent man, Tony Blair stole a line right out of the Republicrat handbook of Liberty Jihadist Justifications.
"There is no doubt at all if they received information that there was a possible terrorist attack and did not act on that information and such an attack then took place, you can just imagine the outcry, the justifiable outcry, there would be," the prime minister said.
Wow...that could have leapt straight from the flapping lips of Hannity, Boortz or Limbaugh. Who says they aren't on the same page? Hell, it's a certainty they're all reading the same playbook.

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Living Proof Of The One Party System

As if we really needed more proof that there was only one political party in this country we get to see Hillary Clinton boo'ed by her "liberal" constituency for...well, for acting like a Republicrat. Things must be plenty messed up in their wing of the party when they start to go after their anointed one. Not that this will change the fact that they'll vote for her come '08. Shoot, by that time she'll have remade herself into a Libertarian and be running on our slate...

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