Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Here There Be Dragons!

While I may re-use this title at some point in the future I am using it today for a coolness entry that has nothing to do with soul grinding tyranny or politics. This one's for the children and those of us who still love cool stuff!

We got to take the kids to the Indianapolis Childrens Museum a few weeks ago for a family outing. Indy has one of the best children's museums in the country and one of the coolest things they have is the DinoSphere, a permanent exhibit dealing with dinosaurs and paleontology. It's a great place to take any kid. During our visit we went through the lab portion and I got to take some up close and personal pictures of a Dracorex Hogwartsia skull in the lab, after talking with the resident paleo-technician. I thought I would share some of these, since I know how much many of us love cool things. Use the pics however you like, if you like. They're too cool to horde!

I loved the fact that this thing looked as if it were in the process of developing thumbs! If that nastly old asteroid hadn't done them in, (and given rise to our forbearers) this critter could have become the dominant life form on Earth. It was, despite the fearsome look-an herbivore.

Dracorex was one cool looking dinosaur and apparently J.K. Rowling was really bowled over that they wanted to name it after her books, (which I have read and thoroughly enjoyed!). I sure am glad I didn't have to travel very far to see this wonderful exhibit. Oh, did I mention that it was all privately funded, too? Sweet.
I sure wish they could clone these things! Even an herbivorous Dracorex would make a helluva watch dino! "What's that, Fluffy? The BATF is at the door? Heh...Sic 'em, girl!"

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