Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Getting Busy - Steve Kubby Is Running For President

I was doing some web wandering this morning and decided to stop in at Kubby.com to check in and see how Steve Kubby was doing in his bid for the LP nomination for the 2008 Presidential election. Well, 'Lo and Behold I see that Steve has filed with the FEC and has been certified as a candidate. Outstanding! Now all he has to do is get past the neo-Libertarians who would rather not talk about health related issues, that nasty old drug war or medical marijuana. That will be no easy feat for Steve, given the new slant the Libertarian Party has taken. He may well be too radical for them.

Steve Kubby is taking advantage of the Internet for his campaign, posting footage from an appearance at the 34th Annual Cancer Convention on YouTube, running his normal website at Kubby.com and hosting a blog at MySpace. He even has a 123 member group at the same site. Not bad for being 2 years out from the elections of 2008.

Kubby is an ideal candidate and much better than some that are already offering themselves up for the run. His experience, name recognition and dedication will certainly stand the man in good stead, as will his "fan" base. Tom Knapp even hopped on board with a good analysis of a Kubby run and tendered his support (with the qualifier that the BTP might be running their own candidates). Steve Kubby is looking forward, in a humorous manner to appointing his cabinet. He's already got Tommy Chong tagged as the next Drug Czar. All kidding aside, tho; the message Steve Kubby tries to get across is one of revitalizing the Freedom Movement and dealing with the real issues that effect us all. Anyone who honestly stands up and says that they will help to restore personal freedoms to us has my support.

Steve Kubby would make a fine Libertarian candidate for president, certainly better than some of the others who are currently making noise about it. He has the credibility and chutzpah to do the job well. My only concerns for his candidacy are going to be his ability to medicate while on the campaign trail. As someone who would have to travel extensively in his quest for the nomination and then election, I have to wonder how much harassment and law enforcement persecution he will have to face. Will he even be able to travel to states like Indiana, New York or the South? Or will he endanger his health by not medicating while on the road? This is my only concern for his campaign, as I would hate to see a true crusader for freedom and liberty place his very life in jeopardy in order to obtain political office.

It is obvious that he is currently the best candidate the Libertarian Party has and he is an outstanding example for libertarians as well. A person who has principles and is more than willing to go to the wall for them is just what the political libertarians and the freedom movement need right now. Run, Steve! Run!

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Eric Dondero said...

Steve Kubby sounds like a nice guy, though certainly one issue. But he needs to win local elective office first before he starts thinking of running for President of the United States.

If the LP runs another Nobody with zero qualifications in 2008, I'm voting for Giuliani.

Eric at www.mainstreamlibertarian.com

Michael said...

You're going to vote for Giuliani anyway, (if he gets the nod). Kubby has better political chops than any previous LP candidate. Running only if you've won elected office previously is counterproductive and just plain stupid where libertarians are concerned. Kubby is the best I've seen on the LP front. The LP certainly isn't going to be running any of your Republicans as a presidential candidate.