Saturday, October 07, 2006

Just A Spoonful Of Sugar

Hooray for the scientific community for informing us of the efficacy of marijuana where Alzheimer's Disease is concerned! Of course this is only news in the USSA. Back in 2005 Spanish researchers announced the same thing and showed us that news apparently isn't news unless researchers in the US do it. Spanish researchers also led the way back in 2004 in showing that the THC in marijuana could fight brain cancers, too. Regardless of the fact that the Scripps researchers are just redoing research already accomplished by others, we are left with another chip in the facade of the government and their "Reefer Madness" inspired hatred of what is likely the most beneficial of plants on this world.

It's one more blow against the moronic Drug Warriors, tho and those mindless supporters who continue to use the governments spurious propaganda as fact, in order to persecute people. Look for this news to be relegated to the backwoods, showing that marijuana is useful for anything is verboten in the USSA. No-one is interested in ever seeing marijuana legalised in any manner, especially government entities at all levels. They make entirely too much money off of arresting,
persecuting prosecuting, incarcerating and "rehabilitating" those who possess, use and grow marijuana.

Lawyers would lose money defending their pot clients. Rehab clinics and programs would lose their influx of insurance money, court mandated rehab funds and grants. Cops would lose out on seizures and the cash their auctions make. Prisons and jails would see their budgets slashed as cells were emptied of these vicious criminals. As with so many things where marijuana is concerned it is all about the money. For all the wailing, moaning and gnashing of teeth about "criminals" making money selling pot, people seldom look at what the prohibitionists make from it. $39.1 BILLION has been spent on the war on drugs this year alone. None of that money went to users or growers. 606,600 + people (as I write this) have been arrested for marijuana crimes to date. The jails will be paid to house these people, bails will total in the millions, court costs in the millions, lawyers fees,'s all about the money.

It's certainly not about those who could be aided by using marijuana. Not about the Alzheimer's patients, like my wife's grandmother. Nor is it about neuropathy patients like my own mother, who lived in constant, crippling pain before her death. It's about exerting power and extorting money for the state, the Powers That Be and all their hangers on who benefit from the continued War on People.

While we can cheer this announcement as yet another proof that cannabis is a true panacea and a gift, we must never lose sight of the fact that there is a Drug War going on and it is being waged against us. By forbidding its use the state tortures thousands and condemns to death even more. All the research in the world will never change their minds, no matter how much we wish it. The battle lines have been drawn and the time is long past to start treating it as the War that it is.

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