Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The End Of The World (In Five Parts)

Well, I finally ran across something at Google Video that was worth watching and recommending. Somewhere in my surfing this morning I ran across a link to an End of the World movie that's been posted on Google and I must say that this BBC thriller is well done. I must admit to a perverse fascination with the TEOTWAWKI genre of fiction. While I generally dislike the Horror genre (it's rarely scary and mostly just gorily camp or just plain gory) a well done End of the World movie will not only creep me out, it will send cold chills down my spine and do for me what a so-called Horror movie should.

"Horizon - End Day" is a well done BBC docu-drama that doesn't bother to go into mind numbing detail as they explore 5 separate end of the world scenarios. The movie is well paced and not boring in the least. The scenarios run down the list; from Pandemic Flu, Asteroid Strike, Mega-Tsunami, a Yellowstone Super Volcano Eruption to the creation of a "strangelet" particle in a Super Collider that destroys the planet.

End Day runs like Ground Hog Day, as research scientist Dr. Howell lives through these separate events while replaying the same day (until he manages to flip the switch that destroys the world in the final scenario). The truly horrifying aspect of all these scenarios is that they are plausible and ripped from the news of the day. That adds the real chill for me! The almost 56 minute movie was visually well done and had only a few mistakes that I noticed, (a European car in NY, airport gangways marked Berlin that were supposed to be in NY, etc). You could do worse than to download this movie and watch it. Do download it, tho. The version which runs online is not as good as the downloaded Google version. The player for Mac and Windows is a free download, (I don't know if their is a Linux method of playing the movie. I hope there is, tho!).

If you're looking for a short, chilling film that's free...here it is!

Download and enjoy!
(A tip of the hat to whomever I found the original link through. I can't remember!)

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