Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Something Good From Bulgaria

Very few good things can come from Europe these days, given their total lack of innovation and their nanny state mentality. My other half and I were looking at the finalists of the Eurovision music "competition" over on YouTube and we were appalled at the complete lack of talent on display. The majority of these "winners" make the American Idol people look like established superstars. Europe should also be reminded that disco died a long time ago and the rest of the world moved on to better things.

Fortunately, not all was lost as we did discover one act from the frontiers of the new Europe that impressed us. The Bulgarian duo of Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yankoulov performed a powerhouse song called "Voda" (Water). "Water" is a percussion driven Techno-ish song that is carried by Todorova's unique, strong and well trained vocal talent. Out of everyone we listened to these are the people who deserve to win the contest. If you're a fan of drums (Kirsten?) then you're gonna love this tune, Todorova is one of the finest percussionists I have seen in a long time. The song is available for listening as an MP3 via the website and the video is worth a look or two. Give it a listen! Give it a look! It's one of the few good thing coming out of Europe these days!

Hopefully they'll manage a US tour one of these days. I'd pay to see them!

(On a side note there was the Turkish winner who had a hip hop offering called "Cakkidi" that was really interesting. Especially so since I don't really care for hip hop! Middle Eastern Hip Hop...who'da thunk it? It's kind of catchy.)
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