Thursday, March 08, 2007

What Can You Expect From Government Schools?

Not much, it seems. Right now there's a story hitting the national headlines about two 6th grade students in a local school district who were engaging in sex during an "Industrial Arts" class. For those of us with a more jaundiced view of government schools this really comes as no surprise, neither should the cover up which is occurring where this story is concerned. The school and all the administrators are playing the no comment card, as we would expect, and cannot see what the big problem is, and the public is justifiably upset over the matter. Not necessarily the sex, but the refusal to elaborate on the matter. Parents of children in that district, (you know, those pesky tax payers?) want answers on the matter (as does the local press) and they are all receiving a hardy "Get Screwed" from the school and the district administration.

I, for one expected no less than this, but that's just me, (and a few thousand others who lack faith in the competency of the government school system). This same school system expelled an Eagle Scout a while back for having a pocket knife on him. The kid had accidentally carried it to school and went to the office and turned it in, thinking it was the right thing to do. Unfortunately for the Eagle Scout their Zero Tolerance policy allowed them to expel him and they did so. Sex in class is apparently not a Zero Tolerance issue...go figure.

When I see this occurring I chuckle, because it was inevitable that something like this would be glossed over by the government school administrators. This act, and the government administrators "response" to it are just what parents should expect from state sponsored schools. Sex in a classroom and a cover up should be a surprise to no-one with more than two brain cells to rub together.

If government schools can teach your children whatever they wish, despite your wishes to the contrary, then incidents such as this should come as no surprise to you. People shouldn't be too upset when the government administrators decide that what happens in Vegas school, stays in Vegas school and is none of your business. That this particular incident even came out was sheer luck. One cannot help but wonder what else these people have covered up over the years. Violence? Failing students? Sub-standard "education"? Political indoctrination? Student/ teacher sex? The list of potential cover ups is almost without end.

Incidents such as this are one of the main reasons that libertarians constantly call for the separation of school and state. By its very nature government is opaque, abhorring transparency and openness. Secrecy and obfuscation are inherent in their nature and necessary to achieve their goals. Why should government schools be any different? Look for things to get worse, folks. Since it is legal for them to teach what they wish, they will. If they get away with these cover ups, (which they do) then they can, and will do as they wish with your children. The schools are not yours. The government is not yours. Who will your children belong to?

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B.W. Richardson said...

I'm a little confused by the TV station's decision to toss into its story, "Schools are NOT required to report such incidents to the state." Should they be? What problem would be fixed by requiring schools to report such incidents to the state? What could the state do about it if it had such reports?