Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tim O' Reilly Can Go And...

...jump in the lake. Mr. O'Reilly, would like nothing more than to impose Amish-like censorship on the "blogosphere" and the freedom to speak ones mind, all in the name of civility. If Mr. O'Reilly thinks the blogosphere is wild and woolly now he should stretch his imagination out to a time when his collectivist nonsense is in force. If he thinks trolls and griefers are bad now just wait till the sheep his followers adopt this code. They'll never have a moments peace. The blogosphere will end up resembling a Baghdad market on bomber day rather than the delightfully anarchic entity we all enjoy now.

Do gooders seldom pay attention to the law of unintended consequences. Mr. O'Reilly needs to step back and take another look at things. We live in an adult world not a nursery school.

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