Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gone And Soon To Be Forgotten

While I'm not doing a happy dance, I am certainly not saddened by the news that Jerry Falwell has at last parted this mortal coil. For too many years we had to continuously hear the vitriol issue forth from this theocratic totalitarians mouth. Here we have...had...a person who would have gleefully watched as gay and lesbian Americans were marched off to camps. Non-Judeo Christian faiths would have followed closely in their footsteps, no doubt. He would have liked nothing more than to see this country turned into an American theocracy, with hand picked Christian politicians at the helm. A world in which we would be told what to watch, read, listen to and believe by "true believers" would have been his preferred world.

The sad and frightening part is that he wielded more than enough influence to walk the halls of power in Washington, DC and influenced a great many people in the Boot On Your Neck Party, regardless of which side of the aisle they stood on. We will likely still be feeling the effects of this man's political meddling for many, many years to come. Falwell, his Republicrat allies and his followers have shaped the modern form of the right side of the BOYN Party, much to the detriment of those who truly love liberty and freedom. Falwell, his movement and his followers are largely responsible for the current political landscape being inflicted upon us.

Now that the head of the serpent has been removed we shall have to see where we go. Will we see a demise of the religious rightist movement, at last? A move away from theocracy and Christian fundamentalist inspired politics? We can only hope. Politics is a nasty business, at best. Mixing it in with Millenarianism makes it vastly more dangerous and distasteful.

Nehemiah Scudder has left the room and we are all a little better off for it.

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