Monday, June 04, 2007

Federal Tentacles

Well, today is the day that new "security" rules are being imposed at the Indiana State Capitol. They have added metal detectors, x-ray machines and now forbid those of us who legally carry weapons from entering our government complex. Legislators and judges are exempt from this rule, tho. Apparently those who steal massive amounts of money via taxation, legislation and imposed punitive fines are more trustworthy than the people who have paid for their license, gone through the background check and carry their weapons on a daily basis.

Why is this? The simplest explanation is the most likely. They do not trust us and never have and this is just the latest example of their disdain for the people of this state. The banning of legally carried arms at the Statehouse should have been a non-issue for anyone, given that there has NEVER been an incident that would lead anyone to believe that there was a need for such a ban. So where did this new rule come from? Not from the legislature, as we have constantly heard since they first announced it. Not from the Governors office, where armed civilians have met with the "leader" of this state, in the past. No, it came from the bureaucracy, in the form of the Indiana Counter-Terrorism and Security Council. Who's ever geard of these nitwits and why are they infringing on our rights?

One truism in finding out the root cause of most things is to "follow the money". He who has the money makes the rules and in this case the money for this taking of rights comes from your unfriendly neighbourhood Department of Homeland Security. Yep. The federal government has decided that the Indiana Statehouse should be gifted with money to be earmarked for "safety".

Since 1888 Indiana's capitol has been an open house for the people of the state. That will no longer be the case, now that the safety patrol has arrived. Despite the fact that there has never been any kind of serious security incident, it is now expedient for the powers that be to seal off once opened doors and to disarm the good people of this state who would visit the people whom they elected to run things. How sad that some nameless and faceless committee is allowed to do this.

Even sadder is that the likely motivator behind this is the Federal government and their Department of Homeland Security. They gave the money for this project, which likely would not have been undertaken otherwise and set the parameters under which the money could be used. Like most government drones that are given money someone in the bureaucracy suddenly felt motivated to "do something". That something was to disarm the peaceful, law abiding people who would visit their Statehouse. Disgusting.

They, the people running things at the Statehouse, don't trust us. They never have and likely never shall. Just remember, folks. Distrust is a two way street and we now know how you and your DHS masters feel about us. Don't blame us when we act accordingly.

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Jeff said...

Mr Jarrell

The Allen county Indiana courthouse doesn't allow cell phones anymore. Lot's of fear up here.
As for a gun permit, I refuse to ask the state to protect myself.

Michael said...

While I agree, in principle with you in regards to permits the reality is that it is easier to pay off the law Mafia so they'll let you live and carry in peace.
See here

Allen County sounds like a dangerous place, what with all those drive by callings.