Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Looming Shadow

With all of the current crises that we are forced to face by government ineptitude and chicanery you'd think that the bread basket of the world wouldn't be facing food shortages, but the fact is that America, like the rest of the world is looking at shortages of essential foodstuffs. We are also facing rising prices due to numerous governmental interferences in the market place. There's even been a modest attempt at food rationing in some locales. Is this a trend we are going to see more of in the future? The answer is quite likely a resounding yes.

Food shortages and price increases are a burgeoning worldwide phenomenon and no-one is going to go unscathed as things spiral further down. While the 3rd world is being hit the hardest by the current shortages, even places as economically secure as Japan are experiencing their own shortages of foodstuffs. At the root of all this is government interference in the marketplace and the global warming nutcases.

The rise in prices can pretty easily be traced to the government subsidised and, in some cases mandated, adoption of biofuel initiatives in an effort to exacerbate global cooling promote the global warming hysteria embraced by so many politicians and cultists the deliberately ignorant.
This interference has also helped us reach the point where the US wheat stocks are at a 60 year low and international prices have surged over 130% in the past year. It doesn't take a great deal of imagination to see that tougher times are on the way. Especially if we keep using our food supply to fuel cars at the behest the nihilistic Malthusians fueling the global warming movement.

What this means for Joe Public is a continuation of price increases. Add into this the plunging value of the dollar, rising fuel costs and increased inflation and we are looking at some tough times in the future. Most families have already seen their food bills rise to new levels and things are unlikely to trend downward any time soon. What is a body to do?

Political commentator Glenn Beck, speaking to this very subject, has some useful advice.
All I'm asking you to do is go out and buy some flour. Don't panic. Don't hoard it. Don't do any of that. Just go out and protect your family. Go out and store some flour. Store some rice. Put it in your basement. Use it through the summer or whatever. Just hang onto it and then if things get bad, you use it. So you batten down the hatches of your own finances. So you don't have to worry so much about food prices because futures are telling us that the price is going to continue to increase. The global food price has gone up 83% in the last three years alone. Futures are telling us it's going up. You will pay that price in gas soon. You will pay that price in food soon. The truckers will have to charge more for the delivery soon. So you're going to feel this much more than you are now. Spend your money wisely and store up on some food. So then when everybody else is panicking, you will be calm enough with your family and your neighbors and say, relax. Relax, we'll never run out of food and you won't be panicked because the worst thing that happens is when people panic, and there's got to be a core of people that don't panic if and when these things hit.
I find it hard to argue with advice like that. It makes uncommon sense. Adding an extra bag of this and a can of that to the larder each time you go could make the difference between paying the bills or feeding the family come hard times.

If you were so inclined, and it would make a lick of difference, you could also lobby the talking heads in Congress, your state pols, and those hacks running for President and ask them to withdraw all support for subsidies, ethanol, the global warming cult and all the other things they've done to create the current and future food crises facing us and the rest of the world. That would mean they'd have to support the concept of less government, tho. And we all know how they feel about that.

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