Saturday, April 04, 2009

When Seconds Count

Once again we have a large scale killing in a victim disarmament zone and it is pointed out just why individuals should exercise their natural born right to self defence. In Binghamton, NY a madman named Jiverly Wong (Voong) armed himself with two handguns (not a rifle, as many press sources initially indicated yesterday), and entered an immigrant aid centre and murdered 13 people. He then took his own life. Similar incidents have occurred before and likely will occur again, especially in places where the would be victims are disarmed by politicians and the police. New York state is a vicitm disarmament zone from border to border, denying New Yorkers the basic liberty of self defence at all times.

It is painfully obvious from this, and similar incidents, that the police are worse than useless. They, fearing for their own safety will not act until it is too late. In this case they took over 90 minutes to enter the building where Mr. Wong committed his murders.
The chief defended the time it took officers to go into the building -- an hour to 90 minutes.

"If some crazy lunatic decides to pick up a gun and go someplace and start shooting people, I really don't have the answer how long for us that could prevent anything like that," Zikuski said.

"What I will tell you is that the police did the right thing," he said. "We have procedures and protocols."
Their "procedures and protocols" insure that innocents die while madmen wreak havoc. The only way to insure that this does not happen to you is to exercise your right to defend yourself and those around you, at all times. Maybe you'll break some asinine law crafted by those who would aid and abet murderers, but it most certainly beats the alternative now, doesn't it? Of course you could always play dead, while bleeding from an abdominal wound and then talk to the cops on the phone, while they wait for things to wrap up. I know what I would choose.

Whether you carry "legally" or freely, doesn't matter. What does matter is that you avail yourself of the right at all times. None of the poor souls who were so callously murdered in Binghamton were armed, in fact I would venture to guess that in the course of their "civics" courses their right to defend themselves and others were conveniently overlooked by the instructors. And that's a shame. A greater shame is that people like the Brady Bunch are once again, dancing in the blood of fresh victims to call for the further disarming of Americans and even more will suffer because of their agenda. As we can see, disarming served no-one well in Binghamton and it won't serve any of us either, no matter where we live.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, but... If there were no guns there would be no such killings. The answer can not be more guns. More guns means more killings.

It is a paradox, yes? But... more guns means more killings, not less. A demented person is not going to not go on a shooting rampage because he fears that others may shoot back. Indeed, they inevetiably expect people, or law enforcement, to shoot back.

More guns is a lose lose situation.

Mike Kole said...

Tell us: How are you going to rid the world of guns? A nut job like Wong would have found his guns- or perhaps committed arson- to achieve his evil ends.

No- Michael identified the problem with pinpoint accuracy when he called the government building a 'victim disarmament zone. One armed citizen inside the building would have given Wong his expected outcome about 89 minutes sooner.

UNRR said...

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