Sunday, April 19, 2015

Having It Both Ways

The government is, as they often are, schizophrenic in their dealings with cannabis. They make it illegal for everyone but themselves and continuously beat the prohibitionist drums to in an attempt to make their case. Then they go and file a patent for certain cannabinoids so they'll have control of them, should they ever decide to reschedule cannabis from not medically useful to medically useful. They're deliberately trying to interfere with already existing businesses who've already done the yeoman's work on medical cannabis. They want to rake in the money and make businesses that have already been doing the development and research pay them for the privilege of existing. Here's hoping this patent nonsense gets slapped down and the government is told to take a back seat. You really can't have it both ways.

An interesting note, the woman featured in this video, Shona Banda was recently arrested after her child corrected a school indoctrination officer about medical cannabis. She has lost custody of her children and is awaiting trial for using her life saving medicine.

Here's a look at the patent.

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