Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Presidential Prevarication And SCOTUS Gets Something Right

Yep, it's true. President Bush is lying and the Supreme Court has actually ruled well, for once. Combine this with a strengthening of the US Police State, KBR contracts for US Prison Camps and there's actually something out there worth readin' about today.

How Do I Know Bush Is Lying?
Well, his lips were moving, for one thing. That, and he said he was going to use a veto if the Congress crossed him up on the UAE State Owned Company taking over the day to day operations of key US ports facilities. This guy is incapable of vetoing anything. Hell, he's managed to sign anti-gun legislation, a National ID scheme and more spending than any of his predecessors combined. That's how I know he's a liar. The man is so fascinated with writing his own name on documents, that there's not a snowballs chance in hell of him ever vetoing anything. The fact of the matter is that, while this is a matter of a private business engaging in legitimate commerce, the "private company" is, in fact a state owned company from the UAE. While they are indeed a "partner" of the US that can change overnight with a state owned entity. If the company were truly privately owned I wouldn't have much of an issue with it but, as it stands letting a bunch of Monarchists take over the day to day operations of our port facilities might not be the smartest idea. Making someone wealthy who may be your enemy tomorrow isn't necessarily a good idea. Anyone remember our aid to the Taliban and Osama Bin Ladin not so long ago? Some things can come back to bite you in the buttocks, huh?

For some more libertarian insight into the issue we have Brad Spangler and the Kn@ppster. Both excellent and thought provoking reads!

SCOTUS Sides With Religion And Drugs
Colour me surprised at the ruling for religious freedom and expression and against the Drug War that the Supreme Court has handed down! Given the current makeup I had expected anything but this sane ruling. It does give me some hope that the people who are on there may actually have some knowledge of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and liberty in general. Wonder if the Drug Warrior in Chief is gnashing his teeth over this one today?

Bush's Internal Prison Camps
Yeah, I know it sounds like conspiracy theory stuff and it would be...except that it's all out in the open and no big secret for the powers that be. KBR has landed some big contracts for building prison camps in the Continental USA. I wouldn't have been surprised if the contracts had been in Iraq but these camps are going to be built right here in the US of A. Who is going inhabit these camps and labour facilities? Nat Parry at Consortium News has put together all the information you need from all the right sources. If something like this doesn't concern you then you need to wake up.
As for KBR's role in this...I knew John Kellogg, (founder of the Kellogg) , way back when. He was a fine upstanding Irish American and I seriously doubt he would approve of the company he founded building internment camps such as this.
via Ali's Voice.

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