Thursday, February 23, 2006

Steve Kubby Update

Just when you think things might be stabilising we get an update from Michele Kubby letting us know that her husband, Steve Kubby is deteriorating. Steve, as has been reported before, has managed to hold off his adrenal cancer through the use of medical marijuana and diet. While the jail is allowing him to use Marinol in an attempt to control some of the symptoms, his diet is that of most prisoners of the state. Lousy. Michele and supporters have asked to be allowed to bring him food that meets his special dietary needs, (and, at the same time relieving the taxpayers of the burden of feeding him) and have met with resistance and denial.

While I am sure that the "authorities" have their reasons, one of them cannot possibly be that a jailhouse diet is superior to any other diet. There can be no denial that diet is essential in staving off illness, especially cancer and immune system diseases. While they may fear that the food could contain marijuana, how hard would it be to have the food inspected upon delivery or to have the food prepared on site?

Mr. Kubby has so far lost 25 pounds and is suffering from shingles, I can't imagine they are doing much for him if he has managed to develop a case of shingles while imprisoned and a 25 pound weight loss should be setting off alarm bells in any halfway competent attending physician. Hopefully, Mr. Kubby will make it to his next trial date where we might see him released from his current imprisonment. The question still stands, tho as to what this period of incarceration will do for his longterm health. In the end the State may well get its way, even if Mr. Kubby goes free.

Spoke with Steve today. He's lost 25 pounds and has had blood pressure problems due to the poor diet he is being fed. He also has had shingles for three weeks, indicating that his immune system is failing.

The jail feeds the inmates with the lowest quality, most processed food avaiable. They do not believe this is affecting Steve's health, but his weight loss is getting quite dramatic. I am personally very concerned that he will not make it through this situation specifically because of the diet he is being fed.

We are gathering information about the importance of diet and cancer because we are hoping to educate the jail about the danger they are
putting Steve in with their poor food quality. So far, the jail has been
very stubborn about offering Steve food that will nurish his body's particular needs.

I am so angry at this poor treatment of Steve. Maybe if we all call the jail and try to educate them about the danger they are putting him in, they would relent and let us provide healthy food. So far, they won't even let us give him food.

This is quite odd, because the jail has a deal with McDonald's to provide food from the outside.

This is such a sick situation. I hope that it all ends up O.K. The girls and I have so many wonderful plans for our future together as a family. I pray we can see them come to fruition.


Please feel free to contact the jail, as Michele Kubby asks and do take the time to contact the Governor of California and his wife.

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Gunner said...

What is the press saying about this. A Canadian being murdered by the US for not breaking a canadian law while in Canada.

Michael said...

gunner:A majority of the press is silent, despite being informed. The national news is abysmally silent. Steve is an American citizen who was seeking asylum in Canada and was, after some years denied asylum. The odd thing is that Canada will grant asylum to almost anyone for anything...except Americans who are being persecuted for using medical marijuana. California is doing their best, tho to cause Mr. Kubby the greatest amount of harm by denying him access to a medicine which is perfectly legal in the Republic of California. My guess is that cops in Placer county put federal law above state law....guess they don;t know who they work for.