Thursday, April 13, 2006

Generals In Revolt

It looks like a the "few and proud" are managing to speak out against Rumsfeld, his policies and his competence, or lack thereof as Secretary of Defence. Good for them. My problem with this approach, tho is that they are speaking up from the safe zone of retirement, when they should have spoken up from the ranks. Sure, they would likely have been charged with insubordination, could have faced Courts Martial and been subject to the wrath of the very man they are now speaking out against, but such a protest would have carried vastly more weight with the American public than it does now. A very public and nasty trial of a dedicated cadre of General officers would have done more to focus the attention of Americans on the ineptitude of the current administration than any number of books, protest marches or op/eds.

This particular issue will be gone from the public eye within the next 48 hours, drowned out by American Idol, Survivor and the scandal du jour promoted by the press. There will be little outrage from any corner where it might do good and Rumsfeld, the White House and all the other interested parties will continue on with business as usual, even when that business is running the military into the ground and further mismanaging of the Iraq debacle.

Until dedicated officers who lack fear and love their men and country more than their pensions, come forth then we can expect business as usual at the Department of Defense. Mismanagement, denial and unnecessary death will continue to be the operative paradigm in this administration where the War on Iraq is concerned.

The rank and file Republicans will support their party leaders and the people they have placed in power as rulers, regardless of what is being brought forth by these officers. They will dismiss and deride them, spurred on by their propaganda spewing talking heads on the radio and web. In the end, the truth these men bring forward will mean nothing in the minds of the faithful. Even the Democrats, lacking in fortitude and as scatter brained as retarded hound dogs in a field full of butterflies will completely fail to seize the opportunity to drag this matter into the light. That's what happens when you vote for war, support the war and then decry it for votes and camera lights, rather than stand on principle.

Perhaps the actions and words of the these Generals will spur men still in uniform, still serving on the front lines...or close to them, stand up and speak the same words from a place with meaning, the trenches. Perhaps then people will pull themselves away from their distractions, wake up to reality and attempt to do something to bring an end to Mr. Bush's War in Iraq.

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1 comment:

Reign of Reason said...

Its simply impossible for an active duty officer to speak out against the civilian leadership... If he wants to he must resign.

It's extrodinary that so many are doing so after retirement(and I don't ,in general, think its a good thing). But in this case its necessary and prudent.

The entire case for war was dreamed up by the bunch from PNAC -- of which Rummy is a charter memeber. Their lies have cost the lives of many of our service people.

He shouldn't resign, he should be fired.