Monday, April 10, 2006

The Names Have Been Changed....

But the liars are still the same. Clinton lied about sex, a fun and relatively harmless activity. George Bush on the other hand has now been caught in lying about covert activities, erroneous intelligence, leaked information, outing a CIA officer and who knows what else? Even people from his own party want to get at the truth. Good luck with that.

Of course, it's all fine and dandy, as President he's allowed to lie, right? And to lie about lying, apparently. Someone remind me, will ya...what was it that Slick Willie got in trouble for? That's right. Lying. Of course the boys in the White House are circling the wagons and doing all they can to justify their actions, even to the point of saying the President has the right to declassify materials in order to leak them. This whole thing stank when it began and now it smells worse, when you add in the odour of sanctimonious untruths, sweaty back pedalling and the increasing stench of White House corruption and lies.

The fact that a CIA agent was outed by the Bush White House seems incontrovertible now. The fact that Joe Wilson was correct in all the particulars has been undeniable and, now that the truth of the White House smear campaign looks to be out there for all to see we can at last get a grasp on the lengths that some politicians will go to, to get their own personal war.

As someone who has known and worked around folks in the foreign intelligence field, I can tell you that when I originally heard of this, it struck very close to home for me. And in the case of Valerie Plame it was even closer. Way back in the day my family and I were stationed with Joe Wilson, back when he was a State Department Admin officer. The person that the Bush administration and their sycophants were slandering was an old friend of the family and one whose wife had been outed, a career killing revelation for anyone in the intel field and one which may very well have signed death sentences for anyone who might have ever met with Valerie while she was overseas.

The Bush administration has spent a great deal of time wondering about why American intelligence on the ground is so abysmal. Well, Mr. Bush to find out why just drag your smirking face over to the nearest mirror and take a good look. No-one in their right mind helps out people when they could find themselves in front of a firing squad because some moronic politician decides to play games with peoples lives so they can score points in the press.

I can only hope that that there truly is some justice remaining in the universe and that the current resident of the Oval Orifice finds himself called before the bench to answer for his actions, but I hold out little hope for that. There are too many apologists, talking heads and sycophants dispensing wisdom and NewSpeak over the airwaves for anything resembling justice any more. When you even have a radio personality who is a supposed Libertarian as a Bush apologist there can be little chance of seeing the scales balanced.

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