Friday, April 28, 2006

Kodak And REAL ID

While this patent application is not directly related to the REAL ID debacle, it is a sure thing that when it is fully developed it will become part and parcel of the REAL ID arsenal. I'm not going to blame Kodak for creating this, even tho the only application it can be used for is to ID people. If Kodak didn't do this someone else would have. Eastman Kodak just happened to get to the Patent Office first.
(Note: The link above doesn't seem to work right, due to the USPO website. You may search by "number" on the page that this links to. Patent Application Number: 20060045352. Thanks to Kip!)

But, it is a clear indicator that higher tech ID methods are a growing industry in today's statist world. Governments worldwide are clamouring for new and better ways to track "their" citizens for their own unspecified purposes. What we must determine is if we are going to allow them to continue down this road to the Police State or go with the cattle-like flow and be required to show papers for every little thing and have our info shared with everyone from corporations to foreign governments.
By all accounts the majority of people everywhere are more than willing to go this route. Those of us who choose otherwise will be a bothersome minority at the mercy of the State and the ID'ed majority. I shudder to think what that will mean for us.

Australia will be implementing a "smart card" ID that will be required for any number of things, primarily for "medical care and welfare". No ID, no medical care. The other uses to which it is being put make it a de facto national ID, just as the US REAL ID creates a national ID card.
Their "leaders" are even indulging in the obvious lie technique to say that it isn't a national ID, even when all evidence points to the contrary. (Thanks to Kevin at Cryptogon for the heads up on this one from Down Under).

Now, I am by no means a proponent of globalist conspiracy theories, but when I see a large segment of the Western world rushing to do the exact same thing at the same time, I do have to wonder about some folks claims concerning the formation of a one world government. First the US, (that shining beacon of liberty on the hill) then England, Australia and Europe all jump on the ID bandwagon and something starts to stink. The largest proponents in this movement have been politicians and the International Association of Chiefs of Police. I find that disquieting in the extreme and so should others who value their privacy, liberty and freedom. Whenever a political police body supports something you truly need to ask yourself why they wish it to come into being. It is a certainty that it is not for your own good.

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KipEsquire said...

Link doesn't work.

Michael said...

Thanks for the heads up, Kip! Due to their database type there's no way I can see to fix it so I have added the patent number to search at the page that DOES pop up.

Gospazha said...

I've wondered about the sudden rush to electronic ID by several influential countries myself. Scary times.