Monday, April 24, 2006

This Is Why You NEVER Let The Cops Or State Have Your Kids!

It's bad enough that the State of Indiana kills more children than it helps and lets the people who placed them with torturers and murderers go free, but now we get to see that if the police state should get its leather clad hands on your children the chances are good that they'll be sexually violated by the "Law Enforcers" who have them in their care.

The people running the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center in Indiana's state capitol have been sexually abusing teenage girls (no boys have come forward yet) for years, some as young as 13. While the incumbent Republican prosecutor has issued warrants and investigated, it is painfully obvious that nothing substantive will be done. Employees of the department may be punished, some may even serve jail time, lose their jobs or pay a fine but, the key issue will never be addressed. Why is any 13 year old incarcerated by the government? Unless that child is a murderer, (unlikely) there is no compelling reason for them to be in jail. Truancy? Possession of drugs? Simple assault? Shoplifting? It is all too easy for the state and those who enable it, to do the easy thing and abandon a child to the "mercies" of imprisonment. What lesson have these children been taught by the state? That those in authority may do as they wish to you? That rape is state sanctioned? Or perhaps the lesson is that "the police are your friends"? Whatever the supposed lesson of teenage incarceration is the facts are that too many children end up in the hands of people just like the ones in this news story.

It is past time that the juvenile injustice system was shut down and families where brought back into the picture. The state should never be allowed to touch a child. Ever. And cases such as this prove the point. The law enforcement mentality that causes behaviour such as this to occur with the frequency that it does must be changed if we are to avoid growing the police state in this country. That this happened in Middle America is a certain sign that incidents like this are sure to be occurring nationwide. Combine this with the ever present ineptitude of so-called Child Services departments and the rising numbers of deaths there and we do have to ask the dreaded question, "What about the children?".

The time has come when we must begin the dismantling of this system and replace it with something more sane and libertarian. For too long the people of this country have allowed the government to take retribution on its people and, especially our children. In the few instances where it has been used by intelligent officials and arbitrators we have seen that a system which stresses restitution will have better results than one based upon retribution and incarceration. And it will serve to keep kids out of the hands of the sexual predators in uniform.

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