Thursday, May 25, 2006

Death Of A Tax?

Not bloody likely, but it is nice to hear about the possibility of such a happening every now and then. It looks as if the Treasury Department may be giving in on the long abused Spanish-American War Telephone Tax that we all pay. There is even speculation of its repeal...yeah, like that's ever gonna happen. This administration and the Beltway Boys at Capitol Hill are never going to relinquish their grip on the billions that this tax adds to their coffers and if anyone is foolish enough to think that the US Government is going to refund $13 billion to the people who have paid it over the decades they're delusional.

That $13 billion in refunds will have to be begged for when/if you fill out a tax form. Anyone want to bet that never shows up on any tax forms? And, for those who've been around for a few years the "refund" won't be anywhere near what we've actually paid in taxes over the decades, regardless of what Rick "Insane" Santorum says. Even if it were to make it to the point of refund how much you want to bet they tax it as income? Given that this will have to go before the Congress, (who've never met a tax they didn't like) for repeal the chances for this are slim and none, even in this election year. And, with the impending departure of Secretary Snow it is even more likely that this will get buried and forgotten amidst all the "news" and scandals du jour. Shoot, this story has already been buried and it's new News.

Still and all, it is nice to think that sometime, someday a tax might be repealed. Of course, I've always been a sucker for hopeful fiction.

Update: Looks like Snow is definitely going now. And the tax story is non-existent in most of the press and buried where it is mentioned.

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