Thursday, May 25, 2006

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Americans are lousy gardeners. Just look at our political garden plot. Overgrown with weeds, pests of all sorts (many are even foreign to our political ecosystem), a mishmash of "plants" that make for an unwholesome and increasingly ugly landscape. Good gardeners know that healthy systems need pruning, weeding and, above all a good thinning out.

Every garden needs thinning out. When there are too many things growing in one place the outcome gets ugly. Nothing grows right, pests proliferate and the entire garden goes to hell. As a country we are long overdue for a thinning. The residents of our garden are growing out of control and the health and welfare of everything else in our fragile eco-political system is endangered. You see...for too long now, the people "tending" our garden have not been thinning the plot. They have simply let most plants go to seed or replaced them with a different variety of the same thing. When we thin out our gardens we don't replace what we have decided to dispose of. We throw it out or eat it, (that's a different thing entirely, tho and not necessarily recommended where politicians are concerned. Too much fat and most are too old) but in the end the garden is much healthier for the culling.

Come November many of the folks who've been piddling about the garden will get a chance to do something. In almost every case it will be a simple matter of replacing the plants in our landscape. Sadly, most will just leave the current plant in place rather than take a chance on anything new, even if it is just a different variety of the same plant.

Do us all a favour this time around. Get into the spirit of gardening this go around and rip the weeds out by the roots. Replace them with something...hell, anything else! If there's a 3rd party running then put one of those in the garden, (don't be fooled by the "Independent", tho. Those are normally just a disgruntled weed of the Red or Blue type). If some serious changes aren't made in our landscape soon then our entire plot will be overrun by weeds we have chosen to plant and lots of folks such as myself have severe allergies to pigweed, stinging nettles and ragweed. The patent nostrums of the snake oil salesmen are anathema to us as well and we'd just as soon not have them in our corner of the garden anymore. So, if you would...please do us all a favour and let's get an early start on our gardening this year, OK?

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