Saturday, June 24, 2006

Drawing A Line

Thomas Knapp, over at Kn@ppster points out a new LP press release concerning the Republicrats and Democrats using the Iraq war for political ends and stating, for the record the LP's firm anti-war stance. This is a stance which is almost certain to make the heads of some people in the LP explode and serve to further widen the growing rifts within the LP.
Some LP members support the war on Iraq, but the LP's platform clearly and unambiguously places the party in opposition to that war. You don't have to like it, but that's the way it is.
Precise and to the point, no matter what some people might have you believe. The LP's platform may need some tweaking in a few areas, but it most certainly doesn't need anything removed or changed that would turn the LP into a political entity that supports non-defensive conflicts such as Iraq. Unfortunately there are folks in the LP who would love to change the LP in just such a fashion, refugees from the "two" failed parties currently enjoying their power.

The point the LP makes concerning the fact that says more about the truth of the matter than many are willing to countenance.
The Republicans will trade dead soldiers for November votes. The Democrats will trade dead soldiers for November votes. With the Libertarian Party solution, all of our troops would have been home by now.
This is abundantly clear given the recent votes in the Congress concerning their War in Iraq. Even the pro-war High Harridan of the Democratic Elite, H.R. Clinton is all over map on the issue these days, struggling to garner the center support for her run back to the White House. Even Dubya's buddy on the Democrat side of the Senate went down in support of their Iraq war.

The facts are evident. The only party taking a stand against the governments War in Iraq is the Libertarian Party and they are to be commended for sticking to and speaking to their Principles. At least they have a set of principles which the use to guide them, even in the face of the current Reformista movement which would set principle aside for political expediency.

Stephen Gordon, LP Communications Director and major contributor to Hammer of Truth has also added in a couple of dollars worth of commentary to the issue, as well. Why do I think he also had a big hand in that press release?

So, here we have it. The LP has drawn its line in the sand. Will anyone other than Libertarians notice or care? The LP has crossed their political Rubicon and, as time passes we'll get to see how this plays out. Where will the war supporting Libertarians find themselves now that this line has been drawn and what will they do? Run home to the very Republicrats they fled in the first place? Or maintain their attempts to remake the LP in the image of their failed, former parties? I can't wait to see what happens next. Regardless of the outcome the Boot On Your Neck Party will continue to use American soldiers as pawns in their political games and that is disgusting to any rational being.

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Stephen Gordon said...


To be clear, I did write that release. I'm pleased you found it important, too.

Michael said...

I figured that was the case but nowhere was it made clear, so I went with the is an important step, too. Having the LP take a stance on important issues is a must. Even tho I often disagreed with Ron Crickenberger and his constant medical marijuana campaign, it served (for good or ill) to kepp the LP in the press. I wish he'd have taken half the effort to speak out on 2nd amendment rights and the whole host of other issues, too but that's water over the bridge. You've made a good first step, Stephen keep it up!