Tuesday, June 20, 2006

How Bad Is Bad Enough?

How bad do things have to get to reach the point where people just say, "Enough!"? I am going to hazard a guess that it won't reach that point, ever. Americans are too complacent, too enamoured of their bread and circuses and altogether too stupid to reach that point. As I pointed out recently Virginia has become a defacto police state and now, it gets even worse. To prove my point the Virginia Legislature and their dicktater Governor have passed a law that requires Virginia's public and private colleges and Universities to turn over the names and Social Security numbers of students who are accepted for enrollment, regardless of whether they actually attend or not.

Yet another piece of crap legislation from totalitarian douche bags done in the name of "The Chiiiiillldruuun". That's as good a place to lay the blame as any, I guess. Blame the children for yet one more giant leap into the police state. Lest it miss anyone's attention, this is yet another case of presumption of guilt by cops. They have to check everyone's status as a suspected sexual criminal and the schools will certainly not raise a peep. Thomas Jefferson must be rolling in his grave over this one.

Add to this the revelations of law enforcement at many, if not all levels using private data mining to gain access to private information and the downhill run just gets faster and faster. Who needs a freakin' warrant when a purchase order can be cut and the information can be gathered by people outside the so-called "justice system"? Who needs a Bill of Rights anymore? Certainly not this country and its cops. They can knock down your door, rather than knock and do as they please with you and your families (wonder what this will mean for Cory Maye?) and many of the Tories people back this flushing of the 4th Amendment.

So, tell me people...when is it going to be enough? How long will we have to wait before you decide you've had enough? I've already had more than enough. Claire Wolfe says:
America is at that awkward stage.
It’s too late to work within the system,
but too early to shoot the bastards.
Now, I am left to pose the question...when is it going to be time? When is bad, bad enough that we finally decide to do something? Politics sure as hell isn't working and duh masses don't even want to hear about "liberty outreach" or voting. American Idol, Oprah and the (insert sport/team name here) is vastly more important than real Freedom or Liberty, (hint to Republicrats: Bush and the talking heads have no idea what those words even mean).

My 5th Great Grandfathers, one of whom was at Valley Forge put up with a lot less than we are forced toand they became the epitome of designated trouble makers. They were apparently much better men and women than we are but, as I have said before real men don't exist any more and our ancestors must be hanging their heads in shame at what we have become. So, until enough people find the fortitude to begin doing what needs to be done I, and hopefully others like me will continue to goad you, to shame you and wait for things to become bad enough that you find your courage. Maybe we'll still have a Bill of Rights by then....but, I doubt it.

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