Monday, July 10, 2006

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood...Well, It's A Day At Any Rate!

Now that I'm done talking about the gangsta's in blue and their "Rights" extortion let me take a moment or two to tell you about some of things I ran across this morning while looking for "news". I didn't find much at all and what I did find was mostly at Libertarian Enterprise, which I assume most of you are familiar with. If not...go visit them and get enlightened.

L.Neil Smith, one of my favourite authors and libertarians spoke his piece on the recent developments in Portland and the aftermath of the Reformista's destruction of the LP Platform. I cannot say that disagree with him in any way. He, like so many libertarians is outraged at the events and I do not blame him. These people came into the LP intent on changing things. Some signed the ZAP and either outright lied about it or had no understanding of what they were signing. So we either have evil or stupid, I so hate to choose between these two.

He also touches upon something which I have mentioned a time or two as well. The possibility that some of the Reformista have, much like Buchanon and others in the now defunct Reform Party have been sent, or have chosen to sabotage the LP isn't as far fetched as it might seem. That someone other than myself see's the possibility is little comfort given the present circumstances, tho. We're just going to have to sit back and watch what happens. What is has become painfully evident, tho is that there is currently a schism occuring which the political arm of libertarianism may not survive. The Reformista are gloating over their perceived victory and doing their utmost to further alienate the "purists" and activists whom they managed to snake at the convention. Regardless of the why's and wherefores this whole thing will become an ugly, festering sore on our landscape and the resulting sore must be treated or the current rot will become much worse.

Politics to advance the cause of Liberty or to increase individual Liberty may well be an exercise in futility. George W. Bush is the seeming master of bringing Liberty to foreign lands, if this is what we can expect the Reformista to bring us then we could find ourselves as Liberated as the Iraqis. Abandonment of principles for electoral expediency is a lose/lose situation for real Libertarians and a "winner" for the Reformista. Fortunately, L.Neil has a solution....

Make sure none of their candidates for office ever appears at a public gathering without some real libertarian (remember that phrase) hecklers to ask embarrassing questions about what real libertarianism is.

Make sure none of their candidates ever runs for office without a real libertarian (remember that phrase) opponent on the ballot with him. All the neolibertarians will have accomplished, conspiracy or not, is to split the libertarian vote in half for the remainder of history.

I don't have to worry about that too much, myself. All the candidates I know are good enough to sit at the same table with me...should that change, tho....well, they'll know what to expect.

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My Hero...And He Has Virtual Fur!

I have a hero. He's got a site that I visit fairly often when I need a laugh or just a moment of foamy rationality. Now, if you visit the site send the kiddo's out of the room and enjoy a good laugh or six. Ladies and gents I present for your viewing pleasure my Hero...Foamy The Squirrel! Star of internet and, well...internet. If you haven't already met him.... Feel the Squirrely Wrath it'll have you foaming at the mouth with laughter, rather than rage!

Check out the list of past episodes and enjoy!

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Gospazha said...

I love Foamy! I got turned onto him a year or two ago, and have been an avid fan of Squirelly Wrath ever since.

Gospazha said...

You can find the entire episode list at Friends of Foamy.

Michael said...

I ran into Foamy about a year or two ago, too. He's my kindred spirit.