Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Necessity Of Action: An Anniversary

August 1st was the 60th anniversary of an important and mostly forgotten event. The Battle of Athens. That's Tennessee, not Greece, folks. I've been very interested in the Battle of Athens for years now, primarily as an example of what a group of dedicated individuals can do when the chips are down and their freedom is at stake. The Battle of Athens has often been my prime rebuttal when discussing the rights of self defence with anti-gun people and they say something along the lines of "What could you possibly do against the government?" Well, those men in Athens had the answer.

They raided the National Guard Armories. Equipped themselves with small arms and common explosives and took on their government and they won. The corrupt political machine and its law "enforcers" were deposed and removed forever from the political scene. I would guess that Athens was a fairly nice place to live for a few years after that, it helps to make an example of corruption every now and again.

Those men had no lack of fortitude when the time came to do the necessary thing. It's a sad commentary, tho that the vast majority of Americans lack not only the fortitude, but also lack the willpower and courage to involve themselves in restoring their liberties. While violent revolt is sometimes the necessary thing, most people won't even bother themselves with even the smallest activism in the form of casting a vote or supporting someone who truly wishes to return your liberty to you. The big game, the race, the favourite show...all are much more important than liberties, it seems.

The masses are in good company, tho. Even the city government of Athens, Tennessee makes no mention of the Battle of Athens. No statues. Probably not even a plaque. My guess is that the powers that be don't wish to remind people that once upon a time people of character stood up and were counted when it counted, took up arms and overthrew their corrupt government. The men of Athens knew the necessity of action and acted accordingly. We would do well to hold the memory of these brave men and their actions close to heart because sometimes the non-violent methods fail and you have to do the necessary thing.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Tip of the hat to Kevin for reminding us all!

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