Friday, August 04, 2006

Yet Another "Meme"

Our comrade in arms Brad Spangler tagged me with yet another in a long line of "meme" quizzes.
Altho, it isn't a real meme they're moderately interesting and make you think about certain things. They also serve as an insight into some of the folks you've "met" in the vasty ocean of the 'net and a way to let some folks know a bit more about yourself.

First, tho let's take a moment to discuss "memes" (or would the plural of meme also be meme? Hmmm...). A meme is a viral idea, which the small quizzes really are not, (unless the idea of quizzing people is the goal and meme). Some of the most popular meme are Christianity, Islam, "Got Milk?", "The Real Thing", Communist Revolution, "Have A Good One" and government reform. Some meme are good and some, like government reform are innately evil. A true meme is infectious, like a Barry Manilow tune, (Barry is a well know creator of commercial meme and may well be a grandmaster of the form) and spreads by virtue of its catchy message. It instills hope, in many cases, like arches. Arches were a meme whose time came and instilled the hope of a stronger building, a bridge, a doorway or a fast food restaurant. That's a true meme, not a quiz.

I have tried to get some folks on board with a "Liberty Meme", with little success. We desperately need a viral idea to spread liberty in these trying times. Something that convinces people of all stripes that now is the time for true freedom and liberty, not the faux freedom or liberty that drip so venomously from the lips of politicians and other who would use those words to propagate violence, empire and a ruling elite. So, along with Book Tag I'd like to put forth another meme...a Liberty meme. Winner gets to go down in history as the person most directly responsible for freeing humanity from the clutches of government and slave masters everywhere. As with any meme it must be catchy, easily remembered and inspirational. It mustn't be derivative, since that dilutes the idea in the long and short term. Orginality counts here, class.

Now, onto the book "meme":

(I was going to get Sunni with this one but Warren beat me to the punch!)
There you have it, folks my reading list, for the most part. Single book answers are non-binding for the obvious reasons. Now, move on and give us a Liberty Meme!

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Kirsten said...

Ha. I tagged you first.

Michael said...

Aaaargh! Oh, well...I can live with 4.

Sunni said...

Interesting list, and a fair amount of overlap in our reading. Can't believe I forgot KotHF! And Sperm Wars is a fascinating book; have you read Baby Wars?

Michael said...

Haven't read Baby Wars, yet. It's on my list now, tho! I love KotHF, I got incredibly lucky a few years ago and received it as a gift and the copy I got was signed! Sweet indeed!