Monday, August 07, 2006

Completing Lincoln's Nightmare

Or dream, as the case may be.

The Bush and Republicrat led government seems intent on solidifying the power of the Federal government and taking away what little control the governors of the States had over their Guard units. What this would lead to is nightmarish, to say the least. For all intents and purposes every state would have within its borders a federal military force, under the control of the government in D.C. Governors needing to use the Guard would have to apply to D.C. for permission in times of emergency and wait until that was granted and they got their collective crap together. Got a flood in progress? We'll contact FEMA and co-ordinate with them and the DoD.

While the federal takeover would ostensibly be during a national security emergency or natural disaster, we all know that government "emergencies" can last for years. Just look at Iraq and the War on Terror. The last thing any state needs is the Feds taking control of the guard in a natural disaster. They are too distant to know what is what on the ground, just ask the people in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. It's bad enough when the state has incompetent people involved, add in distance and the federal bureaucracy and the situation gets exponentially worse. This is a bad idea whose time should never come.

While this has the governors worried at their conference in South Carolina they have me worried by many of the things they're proposing and talking about at their soiree'. For folks who are seemingly worried about the sovereignty of their states they seem to hold little respect for the sovereignty of the individuals in those states. They seem inordinately fond of putting their cattle citizens on diets and fitness programs.
He said governors must start diet and exercise programs in their states and take other steps to reduce the cost of chronic disease, because "Congress will not do it."

Huckabee, who shed 110 pounds two years ago out of health concerns, has made that issue his theme for his year as chairman of the organization.

Why is this I wonder? What business is it of the state if someone takes the decision to be overweight or lazy? So what if they live a few years less than some bureaucrat would like? Anything to maintain their grip on their taxpaying subjects, eh? Are we going to see mandatory exercise programs as a result of these people "caring"? Perhaps they already have a model in mind?
The State has the duty to help raise the standard of national health by providing maternity welfare centers, by prohibiting juvenile labor, by increasing physical fitness through the introduction of compulsory games and gymnastics, and by the greatest possible encouragement of associations concerned with the physical education of the young.
The health, diet and welfare of the individual is best left to the individual, for good or ill and not the State. The facts seem to lead us to the conclusion that these governors look upon "we the people" as subjects or, perhaps more accurately as slaves. In their eyes we are no more than assets and liabilities. Our health is their concern only if we serve them in some way and, as "taxpayers" we do indeed serve them.
But some of the effects of an unhealthy population are less readily apparent - absenteeism, loss of productivity, and higher health care costs negatively impact job creation by making us a riskier place to do business.
Can't have taxpayers missing work and being unproductive, eh? Are we looking at health related absenteeism becoming a tax crime in the near future? Will being a few pound overweight result in charges of tax evasion? If you're a fat ass and miss work because of it, then will it no longer be between you and your boss? It'll be your boss and the government vs. you. Is the day coming when sitting down with a burger and a shake to watch a movie will be considered an act of resistance? Looks like it, huh?

Combine their "fitness plans" with continued talk about healthcare and the stage will be set. Look for an increased consensus from all of these parties for a national healthcare plan before their conference is out. When politicians get together no-one is safe, especially free men women and children.

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Ali Massoud said...

The obvious answer is not to be a wage slave. No bosses, few taxes, and much privacy. "Vote with your feet" as the saying goes eh? That'll help a person out more than voting or other futile political actions ever will. And you can eat what you like too.