Saturday, August 12, 2006

The "V" Man Cometh

Movies and novels are often prescient in their content and I must say that the movie and comic where apparently quite so where not-so-Great Britain is concerned. The BBC is reporting that Home Secretary John Reid has gone on the record as stating that Brits may well have to surrender what few freedoms they still retain in order to combat terrorism. Amazing how much British politicians and pundits can learn from Americans, eh?

How soon will it be before we start to hear the neo-conservative cry that "the Magna Charta isn't a suicide pact!"? With the advent of a surveillance society in Britain just around the corner, this is just one more rhetorical nail in the coffin of British liberties. The British politicians will now take on immigration in the name of the War On Terror according to Reid. It never ceases to amaze me that politicians are willing to destroy liberty and freedom in order to protect it and that so many drones are willing to go along with it.

Shadow home secretary David Davis said Mr Reid was right not to under estimate "the grave threat" the UK faces from terrorism, which was why the Tories had helped implement effective measures against it.

He said the government should now answer Tory calls for a UK border police force and appoint a dedicated minister for counter-terrorism.

The solution, in the minds of politicians is to grow the size of government to even greater proportions. George Bush is one hell of a teacher, it seems. Apparently Great Britain's already Brobdignagian government needs to be grown even more to combat the scourge of terrorism. Somehow, I doubt that's the answer.

Mr Reid said politicians, the judiciary and the public sector needed to "understand the depth and magnitude" of the terrorist threat facing the UK.

He said he was frustrated by the number of people who should be better informed, but "who just don't get it".

That's just it, tho, isn't it Mr. Reid? We, and our compatriots across the pond DO get it. Government is already more than large enough to tackle things. You're police just proved that this past week by arresting some alleged terrorists, didn't they? Existing levels were apparently up to the task at hand, eh? And yet, like Mr. Bush you somehow feel the need to further expand the beast? How stupid you must think people are, Mr. Reid that they cannot follow the simple logic that shows you for what you are. A politician seeking permanence and power in an expanded bureaucracy based upon less freedom and more security forces. Time's up, Mr. Reid. People know you for what you we have to find out if the British people have the courage to resist you and turn back the clock to a better time.

A tip of the hat to Kevin for the original lead on this!

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