Saturday, August 12, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Today marks the 5th Anniversary of the founding of Strike The Root, A Journal Of Liberty! Happy Birthday, folks and many, many Happy Returns!! I must admit that I don't stop in on a daily basis but I never fail to find something which I have missed elsewhere when I do. The ceaseless dedication to the cause of liberty and getting that message out is amazing!

Many of my favourite political bloggers and writers are either guest editors or contributors to Strike The Root and that, along with their enthusiasm keeps me coming back! I must admit that I was heartened to see Rex Bell among the front page supporters for Strike The Root. Rex is another person who does his fair share to promote liberty on the political front, he's even running for office this go around...again. Outstanding!

Here's wishing the good folks over at Strike The Root many more years of success! Carpe Libertatum!

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