Monday, August 07, 2006

Disarming The Innocent And Taxing Strangers

The supposed crossroads of America, Indianapolis is currently in the grips of a summer of violence that has their mayor, Bart Peterson-D and his city council all in a tizzy. As the numbers of murders in their city continues to climb the politicians in the state capitol are all looking for ways to not only curb the violence, they are also looking for ways to spend more money on the problem. Along with that spending comes the inevitable question of how to pay for their problem.

Mayor Bart Peterson has some suggestions. One of those ideas flitting about inside his skull is disarming innocent people in a bid to stem the tide of shootings. Now, if mayor Peterson were anything other than a Democrat I would say that he need look no further than the Democratic Party bastions of Chicago, Washington, DC and New York for examples of how this particular approach works in real life. Ya see, Mr. Peterson ignores the fact that bad guys do not obey laws. The only people inconvenienced by nonsense such as disarming people would be those of us who usually obey the law, (when it doesn't conflict with our rights).
The mayor also suggested it was time to look at the issue of guns, alcohol and late hours, which figured into several of the shootings. He wants to study the possibility of a city ordinance or state law to penalize people who bring guns into places that serve alcohol.
Here's a message for Mr. Peterson. If you do this you will force any number of law abiding people into the role of criminals. Why? Because many of us will not go into your Indianapolis restaurants (which serve alcohol in most cases) without our weapons....regardless of your law. Our safety and that of our families is more important than your feel good measures- which would have no effect on criminals. You see...many of us go to places which serve alcohol to eat and we do not drink. Any proposed regulation that would disarm us puts us in danger from the criminals roaming your streets due to your failure to run a decent city. Why don't you try seeing if you can get more people to carry weapons, instead? That would truly give your criminals something to consider. Cops don't scare them.
The only other choice you'll leave us is to vote with our wallets and refuse to spend money in your cesspool.

The Mayor of Indianapolis also wants an additional $54 million. How sweet! Their public safety budget would soar to $532 Million. It's already at almost HALF A BILLION DOLLARS and they want more. Give them this money and I can guarantee one thing. There will be no change other than more cops, more taxation, more crime and less freedom. One politician in Indianapolis has even suggested that yet another regional sales tax be enacted on behalf of Indianapolis, as if taking money from places that don't have their crime problem will help. It won't and we refuse to help you clean your own mess up. Here's a's not our problem. You and your city have already imposed one tax on us to pay for your stadium you can't have any more!

Indianapolis already has a "public safety" budget of almost HALF A BILLION DOLLARS and they cannot manage on that. What makes Mr. Peterson and his buddies on their city council think that more money will solve their problems? It's past time that the people of Indianapolis woke up and realised that their government and police agencies are incapable of "serving" or "protecting" them. Not only are they incapable they are not even legally obligated to render aid or protection to you. This latest "crime wave" is just another in an endless series of events that will result in more money for an already inept "public safety" program and will not have any major impact on the current "crime wave".

It is past time that the people in Indianapolis realised that their continual election of the usual suspects is having a negative impact upon their city. Next time the elections roll around they'd do well to vote for the Libertarians on the ballot. You folks need free market politics in the worst way.

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