Sunday, February 11, 2007

America Comes To Europe

It looks as if the members of the EU are getting a taste of what the individual and "sovereign" states in America have been dealing with for a number of years; an all powerful and overbearing central government intent on bending people to its will. In this case it is via the use of European Arrest Warrants to enforce eco-crimes, (apparently there's some kind of garbage Mafia or something in the EU, since they refer to "organised environmental crime" and "criminal gangs"). Add in the socialists in Green Peace and you have a sure sign that things are rotten in Denmark (and the rest of the EU).

It's almost funny that the member states who willingly gave up their sovereignty in order to form a more perfect union are going to get a taste of federal power the whether they like it or not. In theory their Parliament and the member states must approve the measures into law, but since they have their own EU Supreme Court which is apparently not above legislating from the bench in order to grant greater powers to the central government it is unlikely that the soveregn states will win out in this matter.

How long will it be before they have RICO statutes? A bevy of "federal" laws that supersede all domestic law? Europe looks to be rapidly embracing centralised governance, as we have. With their socialist leanings they may well give concerned individuals in America a glimpse of things to come. For all intents and purposes we in America no longer have sovereign states and it is only a short matter of time before we are forced into the socialist mold of a disarmed populace who are held in thrall by a broadly reaching nanny state. With the continued destruction of the Constitution and the complete ignoring of the Declaration of Independence it is only a short matter of time before we find ourselves as the flip side of the Euro-coin. Their central government is already looking more and more like ours. How long can t be before our politicians look to them for guidance? Not too long is my guess.

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