Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Brick In The Wall

So, President Obama has his hand picked people going through the process of gaining their positions of power and one of the most important of them is a bad one. A really bad one.
Eric Holder, Obama’s nominee for attorney general, is hostile to civil liberties. He has previously expressed veiled support for using the misnamed “Fairness Doctrine” to squelch “conservative critiques” and “conservative media,” such as Fox News (which Holder believes is anything but “Fair and Balanced,” contrary to its slogan). The “Fairness Doctrine” is designed to shut down conservative Talk Radio.

Holder also has advocated hate-crimes legislation to prosecute people whom state prosecutors refuse to prosecute because of a lack of evidence. To justify broadening federal hate-crimes law, he cited three examples where state prosecutors refused to prosecute, citing a lack of evidence. In each, a federal jury acquitted the accused, finding them not guilty.
This doesn't even touch on his naked hatred of the 2nd Amendment and gun owners. This man is the worst of all possible worlds for libertarians and, especially for gun owners and yet there has been almost no opposition to his taking the reins at DoJ. Senator John Barrasso, (R-Wyoming) is seemingly the only one standing on his principles and opposing the nomination of Holder.

One question we do need to be asking is who else stands in opposition to this man? It's certain that the Libertarian Party doesn't. They're remarkably silent on the issue. The same cannot be said of their former Presidential candidate, Bob Barr. He has come out fully in favour of the man (.pdf) who sent armed marauders to kidnap Elian Gonzalez and who freed Puerto Rican terrorists at the behest of Bill Clinton. As things go in the LP Bob Barr speaks for the party. This means that the LP, by extension and the words of their chosen spokesperson supports placing this man in power. Silence is support.

The LP, now dominated by "pragmatists" and neo-Libertarians, stands in direct opposition to libertarian aims and goals. The time has come for them to repudiate the Republican in their midst who now acts as the face and mouth of the party. What has the LP become that they lend their tacit support to a man such as Holder? Who will stand to answer for their spokesman? No-one. Like Pilate they wash their hands and turn away. If the Libertarian Party won't stand in opposition to bad politicians then who will?

(Hat Tip to David Codrea for doing the yeoman's work)

UPDATE: Looks like the LP is playing catch up. Better late than never, I guess. Of course they didn't bother to mention any of his other egregious faults. Looks like they're falling down in the research department.

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David Codrea said...

Thing is, Barrasso could do a lot more. If he does not, considering his core constituency, I'm not sure if I won't view his stance more as opportunistic than heroic.