Saturday, January 24, 2009

They Ran

Once again, a deranged murderer has struck on the campus of Virginia Tech. Just like last time there was no police response until after the murderer was done. Va Tech is still a victim disarmament zone, disallowing the carrying of firearms by law abiding adults.
They were sitting at a table having coffee at the Au Bon Pain cafe in the Graduate Life Center when the disturbance began shortly after 7 p.m.

Witnesses told police there was no sign of an argument between the two before the attack, Flinchum said.

Seven people -- customers and Au Bon Pain staff -- saw the attack and fled the restaurant. Two people called 911.

Flinchum said, as far as he knows, no one tried to intervene in the attack. He declined to answer questions about whether Haiyang yelled anything before or during the atttack.
Is this what we have come to? A maniac decapitates an innocent woman and everyone flees, not even attempting to render assistance. It's a sad and sick society that we live in where people flee rather than attempt to help a person in dire need. Perhaps this time Va Tech will listen and learn and remove their restrictions on basic self defence. I won't hold my breath, tho. Va Tech, and their policy, is just a symptom. The issue is really one of a sick society which has dedicated itself to willing disarmament and thrown away the concepts of self defence and responsibility. We have either become a nation of cowards or children, unwilling to do the necessary things.

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