Friday, October 09, 2009

Having A WTF? Moment

So, I wake up this morning and find out that the corrupt organisation Stockholm has granted a Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama. Excuse me? Here we have a man who is currently prosecuting two wars and is imprisoning people without trial and he gets the prize? Fer cryin' out loud. He hasn't done anything to foster peace in the world. He went on a world apology tour and made us the laughingstock of the Middle East. Is that what counts? His envoy to the Middle East has managed to do squat since he started burning up jet fuel. What has Obama done? Nothing. *sigh*

I'm sorry, but this just reinforces the belief of all sane people that the Nobel Peace Prize is a travesty and a continuing joke. First they gave it to a terrorist and now they grant it to someone who hasn't done a damned thing to promote peace. What a way to end the week. Now we'll have to listen to the Dear Leaders followers crowing about his do nothing policies till they run out of hot air. The cult of personality has gone global.

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