Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Pouring It On

Do you ever have one of those days, or weeks, or even months when it just feels like certain people are just pouring one thing after another onto our lives? That's what it feels like these days with the current regime. It's just one thing after another. Apparently, they want to see just how much we can stand. It's all a bit overwhelming, frankly and it just sucks the hope out of people and leaves them with nothing but resentment and anger. Eventually something's got to give. We can only hope that it's the powers that be that give.

From one corner of the media comes the disheartening news that war with Iran is inevitable. I'd really hate for that to be true. From the Hill comes the news that the harridan in charge of the House is looking to impose an onerous tax on us and everything we buy. Presumably so she and her cohorts can fund their tyranny. Members from both sides of the aisle are convinced that the worlds best health care system is broken, when it's just government interference and insurance companies that have issues. They're going to ram a socialised medicine scheme down our throats, whether we want it or not.

It just gets to be a bit much, doesn't it?

At least one guy in Malawi is having a good time, poverty or not. Look what he's managed to do with a bit of freedom. Guess there's always a spark of light somewhere in the world. Even if it's not where you are.

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