Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snowy Sunday Roundup

While I haven't killed my TV, I am certainly starving it to death by feeding it for only a few hours in the evenings. That gives me plenty of time to do things like read the news and pass it along to you...along with some libertarian outlook and sometimes curmudgeonly commentary, (altho, I may still be too young for true curmudgeonly commentary).

Reason Joins The Cartoon Controversy
ReasonOnline joins the Mohammed Cartoon controversy, sparked by the Jyllands-Posten cartoons and offers up a cutting edge cartoon commentary on why radical muslims just don't get it. Too few people understand that we are dealing with cultures that have almost no concept of individual freedom. It is, quite literally a foreign concept to them. This is why organisations such as ISIL should begin serious outreach into the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

FDR's Slavery And Murder Initiative Anniversary
The inimitable James Bovard reminds us that it is the anniversary of the signing of the Yalta Agreement in 1945. That doesn't mean a whole lot to many out there, especially if you attended government schools and received a sanitised and untruthful account of what the Agreement did. It turned over generations of Eastern Europeans to the Soviet Hegemony and enslaved them to the Communist regimes in their countries. Over 100 million enslaved by the stroke of a pen and more returned to be murdered by the USSR in Operation KeelHaul.

Peaceful Muslim Protests Throughout Europe
Bet you never thought to see that headline, huh? And you still won't if the majority of the news media in the US have their way. It's also doubtful if the talking heads on the radio will go out of their way to mention this. Despite all the press there ARE moderate Muslims in this world and they are the majority. Now they are speaking up, as the radio heads swear never happens. Crow anyone?

You're Letting WHO Run Our Ports?
Seems as if the US government, already in a mentally unstable state, has let the rocker swing just a bit too far backwards, this time. The good folks in the halls of gubmint are planning on letting a United Arab Emirates company take over 6 American ports.
The $6.8 billion sale could be approved Monday and would affect commercial port operations in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, Miami and Philadelphia.
Excuse me? Am I missing something here? First the Chinese get control of the Panama Canal and now this? Frankly, I don;t mind foreign countries buying businesses here but, given the hoopla about security and such doen't this seem strange?

Indiana Republicrats Gear Up For A Shot At Roe
Indiana's never popular legislature is making a move to give their buddies in the SCOTUS a shot at Roe v. Wade soon. In a year where they have been at the forefront of such issues as raising taxes to fund a private stadium, public prayer and leasing state assets to foreign companies the Indiana legislature is now attempting to change abortion laws in their state. The only reason this, and their other recent forays into the abortion issue is to give the newly conservative Supreme Court a shot at Roe. Thanks a lot guys and girls, as if Indiana didn't have enough image problems you give us this one, too.

Allah Made Them Do It!
But it sure wasn't the gubmint of Iran or so says their head diplomat. Given that they are a tyranical dictatorship and a government I will take Big Fat Lies for $2,000, Alex. Seriously, do they honestly think that we here in the West are all totally blind and stupid? Nothing happens in a tyranny unless the tyrants allow it. If it were an anti-Ayatolla riot it would have lasted 5 minutes, tops. Give us break, guys...we're not your citizens and we have more than one book in most places.

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