Saturday, February 18, 2006

Give 'Em An Inch.....

.....And they want the world. That seems to be the tune in the halls of government across the globe. Whether it is in Washington, D.C. where the President is playing Empire games, Iran and their nukes and Mohammed Cartoons or France yelling about Iran's nukes. Power is often about making other people dance to your tune and some of the people walking those halls are consumate masters of the art.

"Anti-UN" Bush Calling For Intervention In Darfur
I have often heard those on the socialist left calling the current DC regime everything in the book where Darfur was concerned and now it seems like the head socialist on the Right is joining in their calls for "someone" to do "something" about the genocide in the Darfur region of the Sudan.
For all the protestations from the Rightist Talk Radio Heads that Mr. Bush is "anti-UN" he certainly seems to like getting in bed with them. He brought the US back into UNESCO, after Reagan took us out and now he wants to place upwards of 7,000 soldiers under UN command to be sent to Sudan as part of the useless UN forces.
Here's a clue, Mr. President. If we want to send "aid" to the victims in Darfur then send substantive aid. Round up all those AK's you had confiscated in Iraq, manufacture knifes and pistols and then send those, along with instructors as our aid to the people of the region. Teach every man, woman and child to use a firearm and a blade, as is their right. Stand out of the way of private concerns wishing to's not "mercenary" if people help out free of charge.
Sending American troops into this region is adding fuel to the fire. Remember "BlackHawk Down", it's a certainty that the warlords in the Sudan do.

Homeland Porn Security
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the library, here comes the Homeland Security Forces to drag you out of the library for looking at stuff they find objectionable. Yep, that's right. Along with unwarranted wiretaps it seems that some people from a local Bethesda branch of the Taliban...err...Homeland Security decided to express a more theocratic interpretation of Homeland Security and began harrassing library patrons at the Little Falls library.
This is why religion and politics don't mesh, folks. Given the FBI's new priorities, (terrorism is taking a back seat in favour of pornography) I expect they'll be there next week installing spyware and taking fingerprints. Gotta keep them porno-terrorists under surveillance!

They're Getting A List, Checking It Twice
They're gonna find out who's saved and who will vote for them. Seems the GOP is looking for a few good Christians to recruit for their electioneering programs. Church leaders are just a bit angry over it, too. Seems they've been down this road before.
Honestly, what sane church leader would turn over a list of their membership to ANY government affiliated organisation? It's bad enough that churches have to beg for permission from the government to be churches, now a political entity wants a captive voting bloc. I swear, that Kool Aid these people drink must be some strange stuff if they can convince people to turn these lists over.

And Finally, The French
Yep, last and usually the least something for the Francophiles. Considering that the French have been plagued with Islamic Riots and need "someone" to do "something" about the upsurge in Islamic ire. So, what do they do? Start leading the charge against Iran and their nuclear program. What it essentially boils down to is that "they are not leeesteneeng to us" and the push is on by France for the "International" community to do something.
I have to wonder. When the time comes, as it inevitably will given the parties involved and their "philosophies" of Apocalypse, will France be leading the charge? Will they commit their "best and brightest to the dust and blood that will result? I don't know, but I do know that they are more than willing to beat the drums.

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