Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Steve Kubby Update

Michele Kubby has posted another update on Steve's upcoming trial, the addition of a new attorney and legal spokesman for them. She also has some serious concerns as to whether the people currently holding Mr. Kubby intend to continue treating him with Marinol once his current supply runs out. Calls to the jail are requested and I will continue to ask that people contact the Governors office requesting his intervention.

It's official everyone ... David Nick is the new attorney of Steve and also the legal spokesperson for us. If you would like to know the strategy of the case, please call Mr. Nick directly @ 415.531.3005.

Americans for Safe Access is trying to organize a couple of buses to transport patients to the courthouse for the hearing on the 15th @ 1.00 pm. If anyone can be of assistance with transportation, please contact them at their website,

Steve is suffering from new pains caused by his Sciatica. The Dr. has requested that Steve's orthotics be returned to him. Items such as hip, knee, and ankle supports would help him tremendously remain in line and in less pain. Michele says she has a small supply of Marinol that has been donated, but she is not sure if the Jail will allow them to be given to Steve since they are not his prescription medicine.

Another problem has become apparent also. Placer has not said if they plan to give Steve anymore Marinol when his runs out. This would mean that Steve's body is going to go into severe shock again and it could be very deadly.

Please continue to call the Placer County Jail requesting that Steve be given Marinol for his condition.

JAIL MEDICAL CENTER @ 530-745-8660
Steve Kubby needs the continued help of the every person with an interest in liberty, freedom, medical marijauna, self determination and libertarian values. Please do what you can.

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