Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Clinton Gets Something Right

While I didn't blog about this here, I did blog about it at my other Blog, The Root Beer Blog. Hey, life can't be about politics all the time....seems that Mr. Bill mentioned a pet peeve of mine while speaking to some of his brethren and urging them to all "do something", (as if their doing something didn't cause the problem in the first place!). If Mr Bill and his fellow BOYN'ers had their way we'd all be fed Government Food Supplement #24 and its other 3 varieties. It would be healthy and easily chewed and contain just what they want you to have so you can grow to be a strong citizen. They'll even come with attitude enhancing nutritional additives.

In the meantime perhaps we can get the Anti-Liberty Jihadists to remove the tariffs on sugar, the subsidies for corn and HFCS and get back to using sugar as a sweetener. Right, like that'll ever occur to them.

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