Friday, March 03, 2006

A Steve Kubby Update: Webmaster Needed

Michele Kubby has posted what may be the last update for some time at Their current webmaster is leaving and will no longer be able to see to their website and help Michele update. Any webmaster people out there that wish to aid them please feel free to contact the webmaster at

NOTE from Jeremy (webmaster)
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Steve and Michele and everyone else that has been involved with this project. I am sorry I have to stop working on the website. The circumstances are beyond my control and in order to keep my family safe and free from harassment, I must stop performing these services. If there is anyone that can take over the updates for Michele, please let me or Michele know right away. I will help you transfer everything to your local PC, as long as you have some editing software. Thanks again, Michele and Steve, for the opportunity you gave me to work on this project and other projects. I appreciate it very much. God Bless and God Speed.

Reverend Jeremy Nelson

On the legal front Steve Kubby's lawyers will be arguing his case today in an effort to straighten things out and get Steve released. We can only hope that they manage to convince the judge of the absolute necessity of freeing a man who has already lost 25 pounds and is suffering from shingles and adrenal cancer. Steve is a former Libertarian candidate for Governor of California and a Medical Marijuana Advocate.

At 8:30 AM in the morning Steve's lawyers will be arguing on Steve's behalf to fix this mess. I pray it all turns out well. Unfortunately, the girls and I will not be able to attend due to illness. Steve is aware of this and supports our children's and my need to heal.
This will probably be my last update on the website, unless someone can offer to upkeep the site for us. Steve always was the technological one,not me. Our webmaster is leaving to pursue another life.

Our family is so grateful for the support everyone has given us throughout this ordeal.

Be well and think good thoughts,


UnCivil Defence will keep updating folks as I get information.

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