Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Posing A Question

Man, that's a loaded title, huh? Sorry, I was feeling cryptic today but, after viewing an email concerning a site called Dropping Knowledge it seemed a suitable title. This site is interesting, in a Leftish sort of way. What they seem to be about is opening dialogues between people in order to facilitate understanding. There are quite a few questions posed on their site, many from Europe and other socialist countries and obviously tilted in a fashion that I, an Individualist tend to find...distasteful and indicative of folks embracing nannystatism.
Here's a few samples:
How does culture change neighborhoods? How much is a human life worth? Why do we consider some lives to be worth more than others ? If we produce enough food to feed everyone in the world, why don't we? Is religion more of a source, or more of a solution, to world conflicts?
See what I mean? These folks are planning on holding a gathering in Berlin in September where:
...112 scientists, social entrepreneurs, philosophers, writers, artists and activists from around the world will come together in Berlin, Germany, as guests of dropping knowledge.
Any group that has the likes of Sean Penn listed as someone who has knowledge to impart is suspect. Where's Sunni Maravillosa, Claire Wolfe, Jim Bovard or anyone concerned with freedom? Oddly enough, the founding support organisation for this venture is the Allianz Group, a financial services provider. Go figure, huh? A collectivist project such as this being founded and funded by an investment firm. What a strange world we live in....maybe the CEO just wanted to meet Sean?

All this aside, there is an opportunity for folks to either attempt to steer some questions in a way that could lead to a general discussion by the glitterati on Liberty, Individualism, anarchy, Libertarianism, anti-Statism or whatever pro-freedom thing you might wish. My thought on this is that this venture is likely to no more than a collectivist feel good experiment which culminates in an expensive cocktail party and kaffe klatsche in Berlin. The chances of opening true dialogues where freedom and anti-nannystatism is concerned is slim....but, perhaps worth the chance to put forth a question or two. Yeah, it's akin to putting that gold record in Voyager, on the off chance that someone, somewhere and somewhen that might just get it and have a moment of understanding.

Most of the questions posed will likely not be from the Sunni's, Kn@ppsters, Kirsten's or Spanglers in the world...and that's a damned shame. So...maybe we should all take a minute and toss a note into the void and see if someone answers.

PS: My answers to the above questions:
Cultures don't change neighbourhoods. People do.
A basic human is worth $4.50. Slightly more if I have to figure in the cost of inhuming them.
Why don't we feed everyone? Because governments keep getting in our way and stealing the foods and monies. And you want the thieves to solve the problem?
Religion doesn't matter. What people, individually and collectively do in its name is the issue.

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Matt said...

Good points! I totally agree with you. My buddy Jeff and me took this Question asking thing a bit further down the road. Check it out at and give us your question!

Michael said...

There's a huge difference between dropping knowledge and your...spam.

Matt said...

Wow. Man Thanks. We dont have a 2.000.000 budget to droink some nice latte in Berlin. We are 2 guys who just love to joke around. Have fun. Think your post is the right one!