Sunday, July 02, 2006

Strange Days

"Look, Up In The Sky! It's A Bird! It's A Plane!"....Well, you know the rest, don'tcha? A superhero flies by and saves the day. Too bad there aren't really superheroes, huh? Then again...maybe there are...while perusing my local cage liner online, my eye was captured by a rather odd picture with the by-line: Mr. Silent- Indy's masked crimefighter. It seems that I might be missing something, here. The nearby Metropolis of Indianapolis has a crimefighting Superhero? In fact, as further research turns up the fact that the Circle City has a few Superheroes. There's Doktor DiscorD, Ronan Stalker, Kid Christ, Captain Whiskey, The Green Discharge and the Apostolic, and here I thought the Circle City's pre-eminent Hero was Capt. Corruption! (Of course the good Captain has been absent of late, so go figure that someone has stepped up to fill his mighty boots!).

I like this concept. Individuals assuming a role that fulfills them and allows them to do....something. Perhaps this is a fitting outlet for Heinlein's Crazy Years. Perhaps, it's a symbol. And, maybe it's just some folks having some crazy fun. "When the going gets weird...." They get on MySpace...

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