Thursday, July 06, 2006

So, What Did We Do For The 4th?

Well, between rainstorms, blogging during said rainstorms, seeing the LP self destruct and grilling we engaged in the time honoured tradition of setting off colourful explosives once it got dark enough, (here's a shout out to the Governor of Indiana! "You're a holiday ruining SOB and I hope you and your DST supporting fan base contract terminal piles and your heads explode!").

I thought I'd hop in and share some of the festivities with those of you who live in locales where the Nanny State SOB's have "outlawed" fireworks. They were "illegal" here, too until this past year...of course that never stopped us here at the Homestead. We shot them off, despite the whining of folks like Tom Price of Fishers, Indiana. He get's my Douche of the Day Award for being a fun and Freedom hating idiot. He probably voted for our Republicrat asshat of a Governor. Way to go Tom! PS: I hope you get piles, too!

What nice explosion! And my youngest seemed to enjoy it, too.

Fireworks make for Happy Kids...I can help but wonder what kind of ogre would be against happy kids? (Apologies to any ogres out there who might be insulted by the comparison).

Pretty, eh? The words of a six year old sum it quite nicely. I love the way it lit up the walnut tree from behind.

It's really nice that the idiots at the State House decided to make what all of us were doing anyway "legal", huh? Not that their silly little law ever made a lick of difference to most of us. Of course now I don't feel like quite the same Freedom Outlaw that as I used to when they were "illegal" and that's a shame. Wait till next year, tho! I have some bigger fireworks planned....(what you saw were 4 shots out of perhaps a couple hundred, big and small). Maybe we'll set some off for Tom Paine's Birthday or Patrick Henry Day, too!

If you're wondering what I blogged about in between rainstorms drop over to my food related blog, Soup To Nuts and you can get a free recipe, too! I also added a review at The Root Beer Blog. Nothing at The Soda Pop Blog, but I promise something new any day now.

(PS: Tom Knapp's working on replacing the now gutted LP. Way to go, Kn@ppster! The Reformista are already whining and crying about it. How ironic!).

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